An incredibly awesome TV show that gets incredibly confusing. Thousands of people watch it every week because the show is just that awesome, and a lot of people have it recorded. It follows a group of people who survive plane crash Oceanic 815. They crash land on a tropical island with an astounding similarity to Hawaii. A few of the characters who have not drowned, not been destroyed by a pillar of smoke, not followed their dead father into the woods, not had sex with their step-siblings, not died on a freighter, or have not been given a short and horrible explanation about their father's disappearance so they would never have to appear on the show again are Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Ben, Locke, Sun, and Jin.
Man, did you catch Lost last week?

That show Lost is so confusing.

My stepmother committed suicide because she couldn't keep track of Lost.
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the program where about 40 people are on an insane island filled with random animals and a place called the black rock which is actually a pirate ship. Its very random but is still very good.
I'm going to watch LOST
screw runescape I'm gonna watch LOST
by -Kaleb- January 07, 2006
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When someone is stoned all the time and when asked a simple question, gets a look on there face like there lost in the forest. The term is usualy used by blacks and wiggers

also the best show on the TV
girl: wow im stoned out my mind(said infrount of teacher/cop/ect...
black guy: dam this bitch is lost
by t-wolf April 10, 2006
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1. A crazy awesome show on ABC that needs to answer about 50 million questions and and has fantastic characters and crazy sci fi happenings on an island. A plane crashed on this island and the passengers discovered polar bears, a black smoke monster, and a giant foot, as well as other strange phenomenon. They also met The Others led by Ben Linus who is a lier and a psycho yet strangely trustable. Six passengers made if off the island but then they decided to come back even to save everyone else who they left behind. In doing this they crashed yet another plane. Oh yeah, and there's time travel.

2. the act of not know where one is or what is happening.
1. Did you watch Lost last night!? It was the best episode yet, I can't beleive what Sawyer did!!

2. Last nights episode of Lost had me completely lost.
by ktmo64 March 05, 2009
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LOST is a popular show hosted on ABC. The reason it is so great is the script, location, crew, cast, sensibility, and ethics according to Michael Emerson, part of the cast.
LOST is full of action, romance, comedy and suspence. You'll find yourself screaming one moment, squealing with delight another, laughing, then crying either out of sadness, joy, or frustration.
It is the most confusing and frustrating shows in the USA, which makes you want to watch it even more. Soon enough, you will become obsessed either with one of the characters, the show itself, or solving the mysteries of this wonderful Sci-Fi show. You'll find your self watching LOST on YouTube constantly, then looking at the clock saying, "Has it really been four hours? Really?"
People who hate it either haven't watched it, are in the peer pressure stage, or live under a rock.
If you don't know about this show, I reccomend you stop reading this and go to the LOST website and start watching Season One.
On the count to Boone.
1, 2, 3, 4, Boone, now, GO watch some LOST!
Tommy ("A" Camera Operator for LOST): Michael?

Michael Emerson (Ben Linusof LOST):
Yes, Tommy?

Tommy: What makes LOST different from other shows?

Michael Emerson: *counting on fingers* Script, location, crew, cast, sensibility, ethics. Tommy, what makes LOST different from other shows?

Tommy: *shrugs* Its good.

Michael and Tommy: *laughs*
by [Beatrice] April 04, 2009
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L.O.S.T. Stands for LINES OF SEMEN, TONIGHT. When a man fucks a woman or man untill the pinnacle of ejaculation, upon which he spludges a line of semen onto the chest of that man or woman, and proceeds to snort that line to reach a bizarre sexual euphoria. Popular in the frat houses of UofA.
Hey dude wanna get "LOST"tonight...

Bro I just got "LOST", *snivels* oh that feels so good.

After that gnarly longboarding accident I decided I needed to get LOSTwith my bros, my homie Chad let me bust an L on his chest and snort it off...high as a motherfucker.
by Jimbo Razorback February 10, 2011
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best, and the most addicting show out there. It takes action, drama, and mystery to there highest stakes.sometime it makes you say "what the **** is going on" but thats one reason what i like about it. So if your a bum(me) and just sit around all day on the internet. go to your tv and watch lost. youll get more addicted to it than drugs!
drama tv mystery stakes lost
by jarx23 March 22, 2009
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