Top Definition
1. A word used to describe a female who exhibits excessively prude, or tart behavior.
2. Feminine form of prick
Becky, shut up, you're being such a priss.
#prick #prissy #bitch #cunt #ass
by Yocheo May 15, 2006
A delicate Superficial plastic wanna be princess, and sometimes they can also be bitches... but that is not the case with all of them.
that baby cry over there is such a priss
#stuck-up #superficial #plastic #conceeded #airhead
by Yehseh April 05, 2006
baby, wuss, girl, etc.
god, stop being such a priss.
by Anonymous June 18, 2005
A fancy way to call someone a bitch.
That girl is such a priss
by SlaveLabor53 July 03, 2005
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