L.O.S.T. Stands for LINES OF SEMEN, TONIGHT. When a man fucks a woman or man untill the pinnacle of ejaculation, upon which he spludges a line of semen onto the chest of that man or woman, and proceeds to snort that line to reach a bizarre sexual euphoria. Popular in the frat houses of UofA.
Hey dude wanna get "LOST"tonight...

Bro I just got "LOST", *snivels* oh that feels so good.

After that gnarly longboarding accident I decided I needed to get LOSTwith my bros, my homie Chad let me bust an L on his chest and snort it off...high as a motherfucker.
by Jimbo Razorback February 10, 2011
A conversation ender. Used at the end of a statement when a person in the middle of a conversation wishes to stop talking about it immediately.

Coined from the TV show LOST, where at the end of every episode, the word "LOST" flashes across the screen, ending the episode very abruptly or on a cliffhanger.
Guy 1: "So I totally hooked up with that hot blonde last night at the party. I wish I had gotten her number."
Guy 2: "Dude, that was my cousin. LOST."
by Schlutz April 01, 2009
That hopless feeling you get when someone has ripped your heart out of your chest and stomped on it with combat boots.
Symptoms include: walking and/or driving around aimlessly, dull eyes, panic attacks and/or random fits of crying.
Jen: Hey, Sam. What's up with Mark?
Sam: Jackie ripped out his heart. That boy's lost.
by H17l3r January 09, 2008
Quite simply the best TV show ever created. It's about a group of survivors who crash land on a tropical island and face things like getting attacked by polar bears and "the Others". It's way better than it sounds. Aired for six seasons on ABC.
Person one: Did you see Lost last night?

Person two: HELL YES.
by oceanic815 November 13, 2012
n. television series

Everybody loves it, nobody gets it.
Have you seen Lost?
It's a great show but I honestly don't get it.
by beingboredsucks January 12, 2012
A mental state of bewilderedness; sometimes but not always accelerated by drug use.
Man, we smoked too many blunts. I'm lost right now.
by London The Lost September 13, 2011
To bring up a question and not give an answer to it, leaving others to come up with there own conclusions
Guy 1: So do we ever find out if Ted had that threeway in How I Met Your Mother?

Guy 2: Nope they lost'd it, but I'm pretty sure he did
by somename1 May 29, 2010

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