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6 definitions by whoa

The fucking greatest show on television. If you don't watch it then you're a stupid priss.
Person 1: Did you see LOST last wednesday night on ABC?
Person 2: Hell yeah! Only prisses don't watch that show.
by whoa April 22, 2005
1994 501
A New York prison.
by whoa September 11, 2003
134 45
See "Greatest Scout Ever."
Wow, Crugin pwns.
by Whoa June 02, 2004
0 1
Definition 1: Spraying yourself down with Axe or cologne because you didnt take a shower.

Definition 2: Your waters been shut off because your so damn poor and you have to use axe and cologne to cover up the smell.

Basically we came up with it because wed always be in a hurry so we just spray some cologne on or somethin instead of taking a shower. and the mexi part came around because (not to be racist) but a few mexican kids we know smell so bad of cologne you can tell their trying to cover up their stank.
Dude, i dont have time to take a shower, im just going to take a mexibath.
by whoa June 20, 2004
29 33
the first hit's always free...
blizzard's WoW is open beta right now, $10 a hit after tbat
by whoa November 11, 2004
3 11
n. A fat bitch that tries to make herself unique by becoming a goth but really looses uniqueness by becoming just like all the other fat goth bitches...implies that they resemble the physical characteristics of a hippopodemus...but in torn up fishnet stockings...
eew, look at that gothapodemus! -gag-
by whoa October 20, 2004
26 48