The best TV show ever. If you disagree, especially if you've never watched it, then I will fucking kill you.
Random Dude: "I don't like Lost, but I've never watched it."
Me: "Oh really bitch?!" (Kills Guy #1)
by Carson Lynch July 13, 2006
The most addictive yet frustrating TV show in the last decade.

This show is like a boy in elementary school who tells a small lie and to make that lie more legitimate he tells some more lies to cover up and at the end he has one hell of a BS story that nobody will believe.
Lost rules, but everytime I watch it I wonder why I am doing so.
by kevin21boston November 13, 2006
the best show in the whole fucking world.
abc's new hit show is LOST! and everyone who has watched more than 2 episodes LOVES it!
by PaulaFord January 09, 2008
A great show that impatient teens and adults hate because it doesn't answer questions when in reality it has answered many. They want all the answer in one episode because they don't know how television shows work. The show has a planned beginning/end and will end in three more seasons (6th season).
n00b: That show sucks! I want answers NOW!
Lost viewer: Grow up. It's going to end in a few seasons and then we'll see who of us was right.

n00b: FSS, I hate that show, I want it to end!
Lost viewer: Ever thought of turning the TV off when it came on?
The greatest show of all time. Actually, the greatest anything of all time. Some people don't like Lost but that's because they're not smart enough to follow the complex storylines.
Pregnant Wife: The baby is coming!

Me: Sorry honey, Lost is on tonight. I don't have time to deal with the baby.

Pregnant Wife: What? Are you serious?!?! Help!

Me: Sorry, nothing takes priority over Lost.
by Bloodbath 87 March 06, 2009
To be so completely engrossed with the TV Show LOST that you're now unable to differentiate between reality and the show.
1."Dude, can you hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"Those whispers! WE'RE NOT ALONE!"
"Man, you are so LOST!"

2. "Aw crap, I forgot my wallet at the restaurant."
"Stop being LOST and just turn the damn car around!"
by rvxen April 23, 2009
1: The TV show.
2: The cast of "Lost".
3: Your state of mind after watching "Lost"
4: Not knowing where you are.
1: Lets go watch Lost!
2: "Where are we? Are we lost? Why are these people attacking us? Why did our plane crash? Hey! that guy was dead! What?! Why? Where? How? WHEN?"
3: "What just happened?
4: "I took a right turn and then a left turn at the dirt road." "No, you took 2 left turns, and that was a brick road." "Great! Now we're lost."
by VisOraK April 18, 2009
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