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A shorter way of saying "Laughing Out Loud Like Young People on Pot."
Yes, people, I made this up. So hahaha.
Lollpopz. =D
by Lumi October 08, 2003
a hard candy that comes in different colors and flavors
1. The little kid got a lolly pop from the candy store.
by Dark Panther September 30, 2005
As 50 says, it's his dick.
I'll take you to the candy shop/
I'll let you lick the lollypop/

by Kid12 April 28, 2005
A person with a skinny body and a big head!
"OMG, look at that girl! She is a lolly pop for sure!"
by Phatty12 September 28, 2006
A LOLLYPOP---or a LOLLY---is an underage(under 18) girl, who is attractive or naturally sexy, but legally fobidden.

It is meant for post pubescent girls (around 13-17 years of age), but NOT for those who are attracted to elementary school age kids.
Britney Spears was quite the LOLLYPOP when Baby One More Time came out.

Have you seen Demi and Selena? Those two are quite the LOLLYPOPS.
by PALABRAMAN July 13, 2009
when a man cums and the girl sucks it all up.
my boyfriend gave me the best lolly pop last night it was so worm
by nagem5 May 01, 2011
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