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A shorter way of saying "Laughing Out Loud Like Young People on Pot."
Yes, people, I made this up. So hahaha.
Lollpopz. =D
by Lumi October 08, 2003
"I'm not going to clean that off, Sefu. You're just going to have to read that manga like it is."
by Lumi January 05, 2004
Small penis accompanied by large feet.
What a Shronz!
by Lumi January 04, 2004
To telepathically hump or umph someone/some people, usually resulting in the ejaculation of semen into either sex's genitals.
I tele-humped Calvin after he gave me my birthday present.
by Lumi June 27, 2003
Noun- 1.The God of all Ultimate Pleasure
"Oh thank Luminaire Mage...If it weren't for him, last night's sex would have been terror!"
by Lumi June 26, 2003
Noun- 1.A super awesome twilight magic spell.
"Wow! Did you see that Luminaire? It blew up the sky!"
by Lumi June 26, 2003
One that looks approximately 5-6 years older than one actually is.
"Yo, is that Key?"
"Mang, what is she, like 14+5?"
"Naw, man, just 14."
by Lumi January 04, 2004

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