Top Definition
The act of laughing out loud. Used online by pretty much everyone and irl by retards.
Me: so wtf were you doing there?
You: just lolling
by Fuchikoma February 28, 2006
writting lol on as many pages of a friends book simply too annoy
LOLOLOLOL or ROTF, 'accross page' lolling
by j garner February 07, 2007
when a guy wears no underwear nd their penis is lonely in their pants
if adam had a penis it would be lolling in school
by klm123456789 January 10, 2009
to smoke marijuana, or injest it by some other matter such as peanut butter on graham crackers.

The art of the lol originated in Ridgefield, CT, where a lot of lol is consumed on a daily basis.
yo u wanna do some lolling before school?
yea hit me up
by ridgefielder March 15, 2006
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