A very bubbly brunette with lucious hazel eyes and is filled with love and passion for those around her.
Hey Lollipop! I like those pants!
I'd like yours better off!
Watch how I do it!
by Watch how I do it!! xD July 12, 2009
It's basically a cock.

As in lick the lollipop.

Refering to blowjobs.

Lil Wayne made a song called Lollipop about this topic.
This girl gave me head last night and I told her to deepthroat my lollipop!
by ---> Tipsy503 April 28, 2008
a "woman" who is so skinny that her head looks huge in comparison with her body, giving her the appearance of a lollipop.
nicole ritchie? fuck that lollipop bitch.
by mrs. sparkles November 05, 2007
one of lil wayne's worst songs, if you like real music with real lyrics, you would never consider it great
tha carter iii has much better songs
lick me like a lollipop
by wayne123456 July 10, 2008
1) A candy for children used to suck for pleasure.

2) A female body part, a center for some sexual acts.

3) A female's best friend, mostly the sluty ones.

4) Sexual object.

5) Sticky

References: sex, female, slut, cum, woman, girl, kid.
1) Sandy sucked on the flavored lollipop.

2) Heather's lollipops bounced as she ran.

3) Angel had several lollipops in her pocket.

4) Jasmine pushed the cherry lollopop against her cherry.

5) After they were finished, they were both very sticky from the lollipop.
by Majicman August 26, 2003
hard candy + garbage
A lot of people like lollipops, I don't like lollipops, 'cause to me lollipops are hard candy plus garbage. "I don't need the handle, just gimme' the candy.
by Don't Worry About It 123454 May 28, 2008
lollipop - is similar to the term "pollylop"
northern english slang for sexy girl

"oi lollipop"
oi lollipop!

shes a lollipop
by Raoulx August 03, 2006

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