The vital force, heart, and tremendous power that permanently rests within only a diminutive handful of individuals with exceptional courage, drive, and strength, who have limitless potential in life that can never be taken away from them.
"They may be able to steal your candy, but they can never take away your lolli pop"
by Jolly Rancher May 02, 2005
When you pop a loli's (lolicon, a small anime girl that looks about ten years old but is often a women in her mid 30s-40s or just someone who is older than ten) cherry.
Dude I got a lollipop last night

Awesome, what flavor?
Um, no I fucked a Lolicon...
... I'm never talking to you again
by Xreader June 23, 2015
verb. the act of sucking on the left testicle.
Kara: hey, Rob, she totally wants to give you a lollipop.
Rob: really? ya think she wants to suck my left nut?
by omgwhywontyouletmeuseagoodname April 22, 2011
Also lolipop.

A genre of music related to pop. Characterized by adults, usually women, singing in a slightly childish way. Erin McCarley and Lenka are examples of lollipop musicians. Some of Katy Perry's songs, such as "Waking Up in Vegas" also have a lollipop sound.

The name derives from the music being a cutesy, sweet version of pop. May also be written as lolipop, in which case it is short for "lolita pop". Lolita fashion is a trend in Japan characterized by adults, usually women, dressing like children, typically with a Victorian style. Types include "sweet lolita" and "gothic lolita". Just as lolita fashion involves adults dressing like children, lolita pop involves adults singing like children.
Are you listening to a bunch of nine year olds singing?
Nah, it's just lollipop.
by gingitsune23 October 12, 2009
1. Refering to someone as a sucker.

2. Being sweet (not in a good way)
You must be a lollipop if your gunna let her treat you like that!

that dude is a lollipop
by The highest of the high February 21, 2010
noun: a lollipop shaped like LOL.
or: adj. to say,"OMG that is so awesome!"
adj: Fred: dude that guy died
Bill: LOLlipop!!!

noun: I would like a LOLlipop.
by mrwhipplecharmin April 15, 2010
a weird person that is kind of out there.
shes going into lollipop mode
by kiwi1234567890 May 16, 2010

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