A hard but sweet candy shape like a circle. Little kids love to eat these when they go to chuckie cheeses.
Mommy can i get a lollipop with the tickets i got.
by legit as shit July 10, 2008
hard candy + garbage
A lot of people like lollipops, I don't like lollipops, 'cause to me lollipops are hard candy plus garbage. "I don't need the handle, just gimme' the candy.
by Don't Worry About It 123454 May 28, 2008
skinny girls whose heads look overdimensional in comparison to the sticky rest of their bodies.
victoria beckham looks like a lollipop
by davo82 August 24, 2006
lollipop - is similar to the term "pollylop"
northern english slang for sexy girl

"oi lollipop"
oi lollipop!

shes a lollipop
by Raoulx August 03, 2006
A long stick with a big ball on it's end.
" Wow what a long stick, I like to suck on the ball on the end"
by James Wood June 26, 2004
My cock is a lollipop
you can suck on my lollipop!
by michael draper December 05, 2003
The result of the violent insertion one's thumb into another's butt hole is one's thumb topped with a perfect amount of feces. The resulting thumb is ideally prepared for licking by any party involved or not.
If you don't stop being ornery, I'm going to tie you up and make a lollipop!
by indiefriend May 15, 2008
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