Top Definition
To have had one's breasts fondled. Past participle (and most common form) of top
"I've been topped before"
by Thê Ãtømï¢ Þhrêäk December 25, 2004
as in to commit suicide, most likely to be used when the person in question jumps off a building
did you hear about john smith? he topped himself
by devilboy December 03, 2004
1. Sexual - the act of one who is a bottom or versatile being fucked anally, with a penis or pegged with a strap-on dildo.

2. BDSM - the experience of being submissive... being turned into a bottom.

3. Verb - used in past tense to describe a completion of an act or experience.
1. He got topped the other night bi a well-hung bull.

2. When he first walked into Mistress Victoria's dungeon, he was a complete novice and had never been topped... yet.

3. They topped off their evening with a nice creampie dessert for the lucky bottom.
by JamieCurious July 03, 2009
1. Done, finished in general
2. To Finish a drink, typically alchohol
1. Well now that we won the game, we topped the Yankees
2. Johnson topped the shot of whiskey in less than 2 seconds.
by b-eazy August 17, 2006
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