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The amount of semen expelled during one male ejaculation.
So I was having sex with Cassie the other day, she said she wouldn't mind if I blew my load on her face, so I did, and goddamn, I think it was the biggest load I ever dropped! She looked so beautiful with all that hot goo all over her pretty face! I can't wait to do it again!
by Nature's Great Mistake February 17, 2007
a lot of something
I've got loads of mp3's
by Bungalow Bill October 17, 2001
Laundry that's being washed, you sick perverts. XD
Lucy: Amy, do you have a quarter? I have to wash a load of unmentionables.
by DJ 3 September 08, 2012
1. A large amount of something. Often combined with an expletive or a noun representing a container of some sort.
2. An intentional fabrication, short for "A load of bull."
3. The amount of semen ejaculated in a single orgasm.
4. The amount of feces excreted in one trip to the toilet.
1. That's a boatload of money!
2. That kid claims he has an IQ of 322. What a load.
3. I shot my load all over her face.
4. Man, that's a load off!
by The Cowardly Lion August 25, 2005
Man fluid; semen; jizz; the good stuff
Scottie Dolan shot a load all over Jeffs face when he heard the new nsync song.
by The Cleveland Steamer April 30, 2003
A huge overdue amount of cum that weighs down your balls, that u need to splatter on your gf's face or pussy, or ass.
Sunny from penn. lovessssss to blow his load on pooja from florida when she gives him head.
by Pooja May 01, 2004
(Adj) describing of something untrue or impossible to believe. (Deriving from that's a load of bullcrap.)
Ivan: I got straight "A"s for the semester.
Erick: Hahaha! That's a load.
by obliviously92 January 13, 2010