Your automobile.
Man, let me take your load to the store.
by Joe G- LSU March 14, 2003
1. a lethargic and useless individual who generally gets in the way and refuses to aid smooth and fluid progress.

2. a big fat person
I'm late because the load in front of me didn't have all of his shit ready.

Move it, you freakin' load!

(said under the breath at the approach of a fat person): Jesus, what a load.
by ramar February 27, 2006
The size of a guys pecker.
John stuck his dick in Kathy down by the lake but she couldn't handle his load.
by Deep blue 2012 January 05, 2010
1 stage of joint preperation where tobbaco and/or cannabis are placed into a rolling paper.

2. Stage of bong preperation where mix is placed into the pipe
"Hurry up and load that joint"

"Load me up a bong will ya"
by Kained2K July 04, 2005
a rather overweight person
That fat girl stuffing her face over there is a real load.
by ziomek September 09, 2007
Another name for the minutes or amount that one has available in their pre-paid phones.

Term commonly used in the Philippines. Don't know why they call it that...

They just do.
Shoot... I'm out of load. Now I can't text my ass off!
by d j _ January 01, 2006
Metallica's sixth album. like all that came befor and after, it rocked.
<mom> Quit listining to that load of crap!
<MM> Fuck you mom! this is no load of crap! its a load of metallicas load
by shoot UPS trucks March 09, 2004
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