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Used by many as a kinder alternative to bullshit. Also used by the younger crowd so they wont get their filthy mouths washed out with soap by their parents.

Something that you will inevitably step in when you are walking around a fair.
Aww c'mon mom, why does Timmy get some cake and I don't? This is bullcrap!

Hey man, you just stepped in some bullcrap!
Dammit, these are my new Jordans!
by Dude Grease November 20, 2006
Basically a better way to say bull shit.So if you are with parents you can say bull crap instead of bull shit because if your parents are like mine they will totally freak!
"mom you are full of bull crap!!"
by David Harrisons lover girl June 03, 2005
similar to bullshit, it describes utter nonsense
Politicians usually sprout bullcrap.
by politika October 06, 2003
when someone is full of balony, its an insult used against them. But the person doing the insulting doesn't have the balls to say bull shit!
WOW. Our mean bus driver sure is full of bull crap!
by kad2009 July 10, 2008
Another word for bull shit

An exclamation often made when implying the one talking is lieing or exagerating
"My mum said i could stay round that guys house for the weekend"
"Thats bull crap!"
by Sidhe March 25, 2007
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