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A pool of ejaculate.
"We caught a guy jerking off in here and we are sending in a guy to wipe down the loads. "
by Nicotiation January 05, 2012

Useless substance stored inside the Male-Species.
It can also be found in many places inside girls. (mouths, ass, pussy)
I just blew my LOAD inside dat girl.
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003
1) amount of jizz in an ejaculation

2) 4 Codeine 4's & 2 Doredin's: used as a substitute for heroine when junkies can't score
I blew my load in that girl last night, really hope she doesn't get knocked up

yo, my dope connection dried up so all I have tonight is a load
by TCMG March 05, 2013
Used at the end of any sentence to reverse it's meaning or lend sarcastic connotations. Often utilized to convey failure or humiliation.
"She didn't mind that I spunked over her leg before she even got her skirt off...LOADS."
by Peter McConville November 11, 2007
An acronym to describe the miserable at work who bring everyone down. The reason? Lack Of Alcohol Drugs (and) Sex
What's wrong with Andrew?

by Jmetheimpostor January 12, 2014
The most underrated Metallica album ever. Not as good as the classics but still a fucking sick album
True metallica fan: Yo I was listening to Load last night it's fuckin' sick
stupid metal elitist: you stupid faggot go learn real metal metallica sold out and made pop songs
by idiot on the internet June 16, 2014
loser, moron. (with reference to a male ejaculate)
you are such a load.
by trolly28 January 23, 2013