The amount of poop or smooshy substance held in ones pants after roughly squeezing cheeks together and busting in your pants. Typically brown in color and sometimes can be reverted to being extremely bloody if attempted harshly.
Fuck man i have a huge load in my pants.
by xPR3STON February 09, 2012
referring to someone who is unintelligent, or acting weird.
kid, stop being such a load!
by kevinricelovuh! September 28, 2009
an excessive amount of opaque fluid often referred to semen, cum, jizz, man milk, and/or wang extract, that is projected out of the male genetalia at sexual zenith.
"Man, I just blew my load my grandmother's raisin brand as an april fool's joke...This shit is gonna be friggin great."
by Daren January 04, 2004
'Hump' or useless thing/person
That Bob, he sure is a load . . .
by DrFoot August 28, 2003
Shit, feces, crap.
"He looks like he's carrying a load in them pants"
by Anonymous March 21, 2004
when used as in "what a load" it is taken to mean a load of poo.
When I missed the game winning shot by a half inch, i stood there dumbfounded and muttered "what a load."
by March 12, 2003
in an electronic circuit, the component(s) that are responsible for dropping the voltage. in audio ciruits, this is usually a speaker. in other circuits, in can be a lightbulb, a household appliance, etc.
if too much current is applied, you'll blow the load.
by karl June 08, 2004
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