(adj.) Something that would be said on the Lifetime Channel. Something said to a guy or by a guy in a public manner that should not be said outloud or in front of others.
"I saw comment you left on Stans MySpace page, dude. Telling him you miss your long talks was so Lifetime."

"Steve had a Lifetime moment last night at the bar when Sheila drunkenly announced on stage that she hopes they will spend the rest of their lives in each others arms and walking side by side."
by JessieBeth999 October 26, 2007
lifetime - the lifetime a person has lived
Colonel "Paddy" Blair Mayne (1915-1955) was a legend in his own lifetime
by Criostoir Hulme December 08, 2005
a tv channel that should be towards pregnant women, fags, sarah singer, and sad people.
sarah singers favorite tv channel
by :) September 06, 2003
It's got Golden Girls, and that's a pretty good show.
I watch Lifetime for Golden Girls.
by babaloulou November 15, 2003
A good channel on t.v.
Channel that has a slogan "Television for Women" however girls, women, men and boys can all enjoy.
I saw Cab To Canada last Saturday on Lifetime.
by SakuraSaku June 28, 2007

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