The rape channel. If you see a woman on Lifetime, sometime within the next 30 minutes she's going to get raped. I'm not making light of rape, but Lifetime is just ridiculous.
Lifetime -- All rape, all the time.
by richmahogany February 14, 2007
Lesbians and Ill-tempered Feminists Exeptive Towards Innocent Men in Existence.
Hardcore feminists need to go lesbian since they are so pathetically antimale (which shows they are hypocrites because they bash men then date them...bitches).
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 26, 2005
Lifetime is a Channel on TV that runs movies and shows involving men being hateful rapists. This is potrayed most likely due to the Owner of lifetime is a Man hater lesbian. Many people Men and woman alike have Criticised Lifetime for being overboard, but that did not stop lifetime for airing some very irrational shows about Woman beaters. Every show features a man that owns a gun, and for some reason thats a bad thing so the woman freaks out and calls the police.

There are many shows on that channel that include rapists, rebellious teenagers who murder people, men who always cheat on their wives, and woman who get locked up in a closet because for some reason this very evil guy is gonna go kill a grandma for stealing some precious books from him.
Lifetime show:

Paranoid Lesbian: Oh my god! did you see that guy who was mad because his favorite baseball team lost the world series!?

Frightened Lady: Yes, oh my god! He might have a gun! He is going to come and rape us! He will take a baseball game on us because a Man is angry!

Paranoid Lesbian: We are going to die!

(The angry man goes home to cook dinner for his wife, but the two ladies think hes going back home to defile the house, and shoot his kids.)
by Anti-bser-missile December 17, 2007
Is there a reason why this boring channel is even on the air?
I don't know of anybody who even watches Lifetime anywy.
by Matt October 04, 2003
1) A television channel where people immediately skip it as they channel surf to watch better programming. Where women watch awful shows and movies, as a form of escape and source of drama or excitement that they might be lacking their lives.

2) The only channel run by close-minded idiots. Just watching five minutes of a show/movie in Lifetime makes you wonder, if the CEO is a feminazi.The plots consist of a teenage girl or woman who is being mistreated and abused by men. For some reason, men are always pure evil, abusive druggies who cheat and rape, while women are always kind angels who can never do any wrong. The women are portrayed as innocent, fragile creatures and act annoying and pathetic, because they are "dramatically victimized" by men. In the end, the woman overcomes her fears of her oppressor (men), and becomes a "hero" for many other women. Other plots in Lifetime shows/movies also consist of women dying from a terminal disease, their families getting killed, or them ending up in a coma. In the end, Lifetime gives a bad example to women by giving misconceptions of men being scumbags and pigs.
Do women even watch Lifetime? It's so freaking boring...
by pictouch May 15, 2013
A channel that showcases white people doing stupid, sick, crude, weird, crazy things, including suburban secrets type of situations and the opposite of what minorities do.
On Lifetime, I have seen a movie "Perfect Husband: The Scott Peterson Story", one movie that deals with a victim being abused as a child, a father who's a perverted pig, alcoholic redneck inbred wifebeating husband who's also mean to his children, kids doing drugs, a sick man arrested for sex-related offenses such as child molestation or kiddie porn (John Mark Karr), killing a child (Richard Allen Davis), killing a wife (Scott Peterson), killing their own relatives, Yearning for Zion Ranch in Texas in 2008 where women and children were abused, incest, etc. To put it in a simpler way, this is what you get when you put together Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Melrose Place, Desperate Housewives, City Confidential, Silk Stalkings and Suburban Secrets. Things you NEVER see in the real movies, except for Monster, the biopic of serial killer Eileen Wournos. There was no movie about Richard Allen Davis or John Mark Karr, but those names are used as examples of the sick things that happen. Lifetime channel is somewhat of an exploitation channel.
by A brutha frum da ghetto July 10, 2008
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