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Also known as C-Town by natives, Cleveland is a famous city in the northern area of Ohio that may be even more popular then the capital of Ohio, Columbus. It borders Lake Erie and is known for extreme, ever-changing weather. It is also known for being the poorest city in the United States, very culturally diverse, and the origin of many rap/hip hop artists. There is a lot of cultural pride here, occasionally racism (Mostly the ever-ignorant Black vs. White. Both sides are guilty - Police specificly target blacks, and then there is a day called May Day where white people cannot attend school unless they want their ass kicked.) There are many gangs in Cleveland that mostly deal drugs and fight other gangs. Drugs and illegal substances are quite common here. The sports teams of Cleveland are the Indians (Baseball, was good in the 90s, offends Native Americans everywhere and has a big fluffy purple mascot named Slider,) Cavaliers (Basketball, now made famous by LeBron James and Usher,) Browns (Football, now returned and worse than ever,) Barons(Hockey, replaced the Lumber Jacks,) and Force (Soccer.)

If you go to Cleveland, you have to go to the Jake (Jacob's Field), the Q (used to be Gund Arena,) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Hard Rock at least once. There's also something called the Warehouse District, West Side Market, Tower City, and other stuff if you're feeling adventurous.

Sorry if this sucked, I just thought Cleveland needed a detailed definition.
"We're here with C-Town's finest."

"LeBron James lived Akron before the Cleveland Cavaliers snatched him up."

"What it do, C-Town?"

"If you are a woman in Cleveland, bring pepper spray, because many get raped here. Other then that it's pretty nice."
by hmm!? June 22, 2006
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A really cool city with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it's also full of negative, angry people. The objective is not to let those people keep you down.
Cleveland may not be a plum, but it's not a rotten apple, either.
We have rappers like Fat Al and Chip Da Ripper
We're poor as fuck
We got lots of sports teams most of witch suck but Cavs are comin' up and we're all waitin fo r a Indians season
Our lake, Eire, has cought on fire not once but three times
It snows on easter and not christmas
You got more drugs in our suburbs then in Colmubus
Rock started here and since then its been dry here

I'm from Cleveland AND I'M DAMN PROUD
Cleveland Rules even though we're poor we still got LeBron
by Micheal Anthony April 21, 2007
cleveland aka c-town,216,tha forest,thieveland, tha land,and tha land of the heartless. is known for its high crime rates, its wild weather,drugs,and its high african -american population.clevelands high homocide/crime rates are mainly because of approximatley 90 gangs that are in tha city such as waste-5, 7-all, hough heights, the dirty thirty, the quarter boys, tha harvard boyz, tha milez soilderz, tha valley brick outlawz, madhouse, 216 mafia, madhouse, west 73'd, tha d{denison}-boyz ,and many more.the main conflicts between these gangs are because of gang territory and drugs.places in cleveland
are st.clair, harvard, miles, cedar,coit, kinsman, slavic village, denison, detroit, belair, supperior, wade park, and some others.famous people from cleveland are the bone thugs n harmony, al fatz/fat al, chip tha ripper,halle berry, steve harvey, ted ginn, troy smith, avant, drew carey, ray cash, terrance howard, gerald levert, and some others.our sports teams in cleveland are the cavs, the browns, and the indians.overall cleveland is a real fun place 2 live as long as you mind your buisness
cleveland is tha land of tha real thugs we stay tru 2 tha game
by cleveland thugsta June 09, 2008
pretty much the most amazing place in the world. home of THE champagne supernova
i'm going to cleveland in 3 weeks, yay!
by asdfklj123 November 19, 2007
Otherwise known as "tha land" or "C land i.a". we are a diversed people with a large underground hip hop community. We are also famous for talking "in tha ski" wut it dooskiby tha ABM officiallz. We are also known for rap artists ill eagle,corey bapes,ray cash al fatzandchip tha ripper, not to forget rap immortals bone thugs n harmony.we also have a big drug community. other than for being poor and rap we are known for sports(cleveland cavaliers, cleveland indians.another thing we are known for is cappin. we are also the birthplace of rock and roll. cleveland has commonly been referred to as the mistake on the lake.little do they know this the deadliest city in america.cleveland is steadily progressing there way up the pop culture map and easily one of the greatest american cities.
cleveland be cappin on does broke hoes.
by jordansmith February 16, 2008
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