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An exceedingly large penis belonging to an opinionated man.
"Bloody hell Danny, watch out for that colonel!"
by Field Marshall September 18, 2009
A natural leader of men. Women want him and men want to be him. He drives a tank with three wind shield wipers. He commands an army of troops and often takes them on field trips for r. and r. He receives many perks from the civilian population such as a third free entree from applebees when he purchases the 2 for $20 meal deal. He is currently training troops in Orlando Florida.
random guy- Who is that guy wearing a vest and signing his autograph on women's breasts.

random guys buddy - Dude, thats the Colonel, he is the man. Look right there, that's his tank.
by people's champ01 September 30, 2011
A Military rank for an Officer usualy below general and above Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, and Lieutenant.
Colonel Swanson ordered me to clean rifles in the Supply Room.
by Leokills January 18, 2006
An idiot who lives for slow pitch softball. Plays catcher. Thinks he's Batman. Likes to give shit, doesn't like to get shit. Has an excuse for anything that doesn't go his way, yet will give you reasons why you can't do the same thing. Picks fights and then resorts to "I'll sue your ass" if you call him on it. Basically a 5 year old spoiled child.
1) Colonel - You suck, you can't catch anything.
Person - You haven't made a play yet this season.
Colonel - You don't see what I see! It's chaos! You try catching this shit.

2) Colonel - You're a fake tough guy. Let's fight.
Person - OK
Colonel - (won't fight) says to people around him "I'll sue his ass. I own him!"
by FTG October 13, 2013
Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC fast food joint; after its deceased mascot, Col. Harlan Sanders
I'm so hungry! Let's go see the Colonel!"
by Cornholio October 30, 2003
1.Military rank

2.A characters from the video game Mega Man X4.
Has a sister called Iris. He is working with Repliforce
and later dies during the rebellion.
Some people believe Iris and Colonel were the same person
and got split into 2 : THIS IS NONSENSE AND BS.
My friend is in the army and is Colonel.

Colonel is weak against Frost Tower.

Colonel and Iris are brother and sister, and
by Bari April 30, 2006
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