A wonderful person, who may be shy upon first meeting, but who has a kind heart. Immensely good-looking, but modest with it, someone who will always be there for you. One of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Loved forever.
"You couldn't really hope for a guy any nicer than Liam"
by marzipanezmerelda August 13, 2011
The love of my life
God, I love Liam so much.
by Da Quackmister December 30, 2011
A cool, hot ,cuddly, athletic dude, with abs and V Lines , generally follows metrosexual, he loves nicole collaton, and made the nomasaurus, and he loves american apparel.. and marcia
"he's being such a liam."
"yeah, i no. hes so cool."
by liaamlovesme :) June 04, 2009
The hottest and most sexiest guy out there. Also very nice and sweet. To the girl that has a liam, your probably going to last a long time because he is the sweetest yet hottest guy with an amazing body, lucky!
damn, that kid must be a liam.
by asdfghjklzxcvbnm12 October 11, 2011
a rare pepper found on the southern tip of chile, where it is wet and cold
i bought sum fat, juicy, long, hard liams at the supermarket
by traasfe August 25, 2009
only the coolest guy in town
Qoutes fom Liam

"dude i drank like 4 liters of super chill last night... felt like i was gonna spew"
"when i grow up im gonna be a dinosaur and rampage some small city in asia"
"man, why you gotta be so obtuse?"
by ysoobtuse January 04, 2012
A man with Irish origins. Often wears band shirts. Enjoys sticking his face upwards during photographs, and gets easily frightened by high pitched noises. In some ways Liam is like a ferret. Can never bring himself to break up with a girl, in the end he always fails and fucks. His favourite film is superbad. He also has a satchel, like Indiana Jones.
Karl: omg did you finally break up with her?
John: no she cried and i did a liam


Simon: so what happened last night between you and Jilly?
Jack: All im saying is we went back to my room to watch superbad
Simon: luckky!
by liam123456789 November 21, 2010

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