This is one bad ass motherfucker who does not mess with the weak. He benches twice his bodyweight and curls 45's. He has the capability of flying as his lats are that big. Lady's swing of his cock for attention. He is normally seen at the local beach surfing only the biggest of the sets, he gets pitted of anything. The body of body's and the heart of a champion. Liam is short for the biggest pimp you have ever seen multiplied by 12.
*During maths test.

Q1. Let x = pimp Q2 Let x = vaginas destroyed.

Liam = 12x Liam = 112x
#ily #liam #dick #7inch #tits
by Tess Dorrington February 25, 2014
Liam is a slang term used for the coolest genre of nerds. A Liam tends to be late to social trends, being somewhat of a reverse hipster. Someone who is a Liam is the kind of person who would spend hours and hours on end either on the computer or obsessing about some sort of technology. He/She who could be considered a Liam is not fully open to allowing people into the "inner sanctum" that they exist within. Think of a Liam as someone slowly leaving their shell and entering the social world. He or She may wish to spend time alone, but is not against spending quality time with their friends. The important bit about Liams is that they are often intelligent, and not afraid to show it. It is also tested and approved that there are numerous Liam's who would be willing to watch things like YouTube or Netflix for hours on end.

Important qualities of a Liam include somewhat narcissism, large amounts of pride, yet very little lust or envy. They tend to, due to their time as a recluse, form different stages of depression, but they mask this by hanging out with their friends. These are the people who want to make more friends, yet always face their own personal issues,
Guy 1: Man, do you see that guy? He's such a freak.
Guy 2: Nah, bruh, he's actually a Liam. You should meet him, he's really cool.
Guy 1: I didn't know that. I'll go talk with him now.
Guy 2: Not now, he's probably watching Netflix again.
#liam #swag #cool #pimp #netflix
by SwiggitySwagelGimmeABagel March 03, 2015
A Liam is the most caring and the most fittest boy you will meet
A Liam is someone you should keep close to your heart and never forget about

If your lucky enough to have a Liam like me then you know how wonderful he is and how caring and loving he is

The way he gives you a shoulder to cry on and just listening to you

Don't let him go because Liam's are loyal and will stick by you through anything


#happy #love #relationship #cuddles #boyfriend
by Princesschloe:) November 28, 2013
Liam was one of my best friends. We knew everything about one another. We were like ' peas and carrots' as Forest Gump once said. There was nothing I didn't tell my ginger friend. He was and is still a fun, loving, caring, understanding sort of lad. I think sometimes you just know when you find a friend in your life like Liam, you could never imagine replacing him or getting over him in this lifetime. It's very rare that people find these sort of guys and so if you find a Liam like this hold onto him and never let go. He is worth every effort and always will be. I regret not holding onto him tighter. x
Who is your bestfriend?

Him? Oh that's Liam.
#love #liam #cul #freind #liofe
by Samantha Darling July 20, 2013
A kind and sweet guy, every Liam should be given a pat on the back for how lovely they are.
They tend to grow terrible facial hair, though.
Look at that Liams beard... Shave, man!
Oh, look at him! That's Liam. She's so lucky.
#liam #liaam #adorable #liamm #lliam
by LiteraryConstant February 23, 2013
Liam, a man with a extremely sexy bod' ( ABS <3 ) , and apparently a very large penis ( bigger then DJs Redfoo's ).

When you meet a Liam your life would change n a positive way. Liams may be what you refer to as a 'douche bag' but as you get closer to one you get to know that its only fun and games. You will love a liam for the rest of your life.
PERSON 1 " have u seen the sexy and i know it music video? OMG Dj Redfoo's dick is huge "

Person 2 " Yeah but its not a liam! "
#sexy #awesome #love #blonde #sweet
by browniesule101 December 30, 2011
someone who tells girls to turn around because iTS A SNAKE HABITAT
Are u not reading what I'm saying its a SNAKE HABITAT TURN AROUND - Liam
#liam #snake #habitat #payne #around
by real liam payne October 20, 2013
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