A nice guy who is very quite. He doesn't talk much when you first know him, but once you do you will realize that he has an amazing personality. His eyes are a pretty hazel. He is most comfortable with people he knows the best, and is sensible around people he doesn't know well, but when you do get to know him you will see that he has a lot of crazy ideas. like electronic Kazoos. His personality will make you fall in love with him, not his looks.
If you know a liam or are a liam, you are very lucky
by Iamakittykatandiplaylowbrass December 05, 2013
someone who tells girls to turn around because iTS A SNAKE HABITAT
Are u not reading what I'm saying its a SNAKE HABITAT TURN AROUND - Liam
by real liam payne October 20, 2013
Liam was one of my best friends. We knew everything about one another. We were like ' peas and carrots' as Forest Gump once said. There was nothing I didn't tell my ginger friend. He was and is still a fun, loving, caring, understanding sort of lad. I think sometimes you just know when you find a friend in your life like Liam, you could never imagine replacing him or getting over him in this lifetime. It's very rare that people find these sort of guys and so if you find a Liam like this hold onto him and never let go. He is worth every effort and always will be. I regret not holding onto him tighter. x
Who is your bestfriend?

Him? Oh that's Liam.
by Samantha Darling July 20, 2013
Liam, a man with a extremely sexy bod' ( ABS <3 ) , and apparently a very large penis ( bigger then DJs Redfoo's ).

When you meet a Liam your life would change n a positive way. Liams may be what you refer to as a 'douche bag' but as you get closer to one you get to know that its only fun and games. You will love a liam for the rest of your life.
PERSON 1 " have u seen the sexy and i know it music video? OMG Dj Redfoo's dick is huge "

Person 2 " Yeah but its not a liam! "
by browniesule101 December 30, 2011
A kind and sweet guy, every Liam should be given a pat on the back for how lovely they are.
They tend to grow terrible facial hair, though.
Look at that Liams beard... Shave, man!
Oh, look at him! That's Liam. She's so lucky.
by LiteraryConstant February 23, 2013
A Liam is the most caring and the most fittest boy you will meet
A Liam is someone you should keep close to your heart and never forget about

If your lucky enough to have a Liam like me then you know how wonderful he is and how caring and loving he is

The way he gives you a shoulder to cry on and just listening to you

Don't let him go because Liam's are loyal and will stick by you through anything


by Princesschloe:) November 28, 2013
Goes by many names, such as sex train, sex beast, sex oranguatan, sex lemur, and sex hammer. Likes girls named Maddie.
Did you see that model go by? He's such a Liam.
by nevew November 19, 2011

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