Liam, even from the very start of knowing him, will be one of the most amazing boys you shall meet. Kind, Funny and ticking every box the more you know him, the more you like him, any guy, or girl, is very lucky to be with him, seeing as he is hench and by far has the coolest hair, or beanie hat when he wears it, and great kisser :3 so yeah, liams amazing! <3
by The taller one December 04, 2011
A man whore.
"I'm pretty sexually deprived so I decided to call up a liam because they're never picky."
by susan678 July 21, 2008
a phrase comonly used to describe something awsome.

"Dude. That Was So Fucking Liam!!"
by Bob Bobswell March 21, 2009
Amazing, awesome, hot, cute, interesting, hilarious and fun guy who is totally wrong. Any girl who has him is extremely lucky!
Look at Liam! Oh he's so amazing!
by bwibwi February 11, 2012
One of the coolest people you could ever meet.
Has tendencies to be a poser, and likes to compliment himself. A Liam has an good sense of humour and likes to joke around. He doesn't take much seriously but when he does, you'll know.

He's pretty amazing.
If you're friends with a Liam, you'll have a friend for life.
Person 1: "You stole a bus?"
Liam: "Yep. It was great. I was the bus driver."
by dancingintherain1993 October 16, 2010
A Liam is a guy who you'll never forget. Liams are sweet people, and they'd never do anything to hurt you. Unlike most guys, they always say the right thing at the right time. :)
I met a total Liam on March 14th, yo.
by TigGMorg July 24, 2011
What is a Liam?
A Liam is an amazing character, if you're ever lucky enough to meet one. Not mainstream, not even so ridiculously anti-mainstream that he's mainstream, (*cough* hipsters), but he's a genuinely amazing person, and a great one to have as a friend. If you love a Liam, you're a lucky person. If a Liam loves you back, you're even luckier.

Liam's tend to be hilarious, open-minded, modest, loveable, respectful, and sees all the amazing things about you that you don't. Unfortunately poor Liam doesn't see the amazing things about himself, so you might need to help him out.

Liam's are also ladies-men. This, is always a plus (Y)
"Oh my gosh! i think he's a Liam!"
by snoɯʎuopǝnsd April 28, 2012

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