the most non-obvious soul mate. you've known him your whole life but never realized how hot hes become. and when you finally come around hes already there, waiting to love you. he will become one of your best friends. the kind of friend that you can go so long without seeing but its like you were never apart. you just want to make him yours before someone else does. he loves to the fullest. and he has awesome hair.
girl: Liam is my soul mate

best friend: you havent seen him in like six months
by this is my real name March 30, 2013
liam is usally a name given to someone who is caring and positive about everything. they're usally quiet and restricted untill they're around friends. they have the most amazing eyes and a smile that will lighten your heart. he can be so lovable but is always up for a great time, liam is also very smart and suceeds in everything they do. if your lucky enough to have a liam in your life, dont let him go
"hey have you see tha guy over there?"
"wow! he must be a liam
by childwall 2008 March 16, 2013
A beautiful boy with amazing blue eyes and blonde hair, he is always caring for he's girlfriend but also know's how to hurt her as well. He get's easily upset over things that might be personal but he know's how to cheer himself back up. He shall find the right girl to marry at a young age, because loving young is living life young which something is Liam wants, but the girl he might want to marry might have second thought's as liam is not a very trustworthy person when at parties or any social events. He can also be a very smooth talker and doesn't really know when to close he's mouth when he starts talking, even if he say's something really hurtful things but it comes to people saying mean things about him, he know's how to get back up and stand up for himself.
by dictionary guru. December 19, 2011
Very handsome and fun individual. Very loving and always has a shoulder to cry on, he's a little nerdy, but for the right girl that just makes him more attractive. Smart and funny with a great personality. What more do you want?
"Did that guy cheat on you?"
"Yeah, but I'm over him, I just wish I had a Liam"
by SpawnO'Satan December 22, 2013
A nice guy who is very quite. He doesn't talk much when you first know him, but once you do you will realize that he has an amazing personality. His eyes are a pretty hazel. He is most comfortable with people he knows the best, and is sensible around people he doesn't know well, but when you do get to know him you will see that he has a lot of crazy ideas. like electronic Kazoos. His personality will make you fall in love with him, not his looks.
If you know a liam or are a liam, you are very lucky
by Iamakittykatandiplaylowbrass December 05, 2013
the man who did your mom last night

and has a over 9000 meter dick
by OHYEAHHEDEAD August 19, 2014
a man that rapes cats
u can tell he is a liam by the way he looked at the cat
by jocy j March 29, 2010

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