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Sitting on a persons lap until they get uncomfortably warm.
Person A: Yep, they were laptopping alright.
Person B: I mean if it's cold that's okay.
by Frinerd October 16, 2013
The conscious act of placing a laptop computer on the womens back while have sex, or making love.
laptopping is a new craze swarming the nation!
by sanctusunus December 09, 2012
The art of a group of recently tubed athletes spending a day in the vacinity of each other but communicating through laptops. Laptopping can only be done by a minimum of 2 persons. Popular laptopping activites include facebooking, msning and stick cricket offs.
I cant move, breath, speak and don't want to see outside. Do you fancy spending the afternoon laptopping?
by Captain timelord the don May 28, 2007
When you sit on a laptop with your friend as your day's activity, because laptopping can only be done for long hours at a time. You can do anything while laptopping but the most common would be chatting via facebook, or any other communication route like Skype. You most likely send many links back and forth and run out of things to talk about at least a dozen times but keep going anyway. Laptopping is the verb form of laptop. It is literally the verb meaning to use the laptop, generally said when doing so at the same time as a friend. Laptopping.
Friend 1: Hey, do you wanna laptop today?

Friend 2: Sure, I fucking love laptopping!
Friend 1: Calm down.
by madebyafan September 15, 2015
Laptopping is where you sit on someone's lap until they become uncomfortably warm.
Jim: Dude, I was laptopping Pam last night.
Henry: How hot did she get?
Jim: Very
by littlernermaid October 17, 2013
This is the act of using your laptop for whatever purpose.
He is busy, still lap-topping.
Lap-topping is not permitted in this area.
by james8warlock July 21, 2011
Performing a sex act upon a person whilst they are using a laptop computer (this may or may not actually be on their lap). Popular activities include facebook and browsing urban dictionary.
Hey look, Jack is totally Laptopping Sarah.

I really wish someone was laptopping me whilst writing this, but I have a desktop pc.
by Redwall II May 04, 2010

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