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The art of a group of recently tubed athletes spending a day in the vacinity of each other but communicating through laptops. Laptopping can only be done by a minimum of 2 persons. Popular laptopping activites include facebooking, msning and stick cricket offs.
I cant move, breath, speak and don't want to see outside. Do you fancy spending the afternoon laptopping?
by Captain timelord the don May 28, 2007
14 7
Sitting on a persons lap until they get uncomfortably warm.
Person A: Yep, they were laptopping alright.
Person B: I mean if it's cold that's okay.
by Frinerd October 16, 2013
6 0
The conscious act of placing a laptop computer on the womens back while have sex, or making love.
laptopping is a new craze swarming the nation!
by sanctusunus December 09, 2012
5 1
Laptopping is where you sit on someone's lap until they become uncomfortably warm.
Jim: Dude, I was laptopping Pam last night.
Henry: How hot did she get?
Jim: Very
by littlernermaid October 17, 2013
2 0
This is the act of using your laptop for whatever purpose.
He is busy, still lap-topping.
Lap-topping is not permitted in this area.
by james8warlock July 21, 2011
0 1
Performing a sex act upon a person whilst they are using a laptop computer (this may or may not actually be on their lap). Popular activities include facebook and browsing urban dictionary.
Hey look, Jack is totally Laptopping Sarah.

I really wish someone was laptopping me whilst writing this, but I have a desktop pc.
by Jewdaddy May 04, 2010
1 2