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Crazy, wild, out of control.
From Andre Nickatina's track "Ayo for Yayo":
Ayo for yayo
Walk around with yayo
All in my nasal
I musta been craze yo
by DJLP December 22, 2008
an ill-ass move, (usu. in sports like skateboarding, but not limited to)
sheeit, that mo fucka can throw some craze!
by Terry Staats September 01, 2003
a state of craziness often contributed to excessive studying.
dayam.. chirag, nick, kevin, izik, and tim are freakin craze.
by uperb June 07, 2003
inserting both your fists into a vagina or anus until it bleeds
"bitch I will craze you and your mother up the ass"
by Kneez February 02, 2008
A guy/girl who is sick of trends,hollywood,popular music,religion and more. Very random, dosen't like being told what to do, listens to odd music, (old music mostly) it could pop, punk, new wave rock etc. Pretends to worship satan just because they are sick of poeple who belive in god, Ex: someone says OMG! they would say OMS! very funny, witty. Is creative, and dosen't care about what anybody says about them, dosent show much emotoin, but hides it.
"You see that girl Alice? she is such a craze!"

"don't pay attentoin to Sam, he is a Craze."
by ANNA >.< December 17, 2008
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