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YET another sorry excuse of a singer. She is most well known for her shitty single, Tik Tok, which is the worst song I have ever heard. What is worse is that it became the most downloaded song on iTunes ever. How the hell does that happen? I can't listen to that song for more than 5 seconds without wanting to gouge my eyes out. And you know she thinks she's the shit because the way she spells her name. C'mon, who puts a freakin' $ in their name? It is no talent singers like Ke$ha that make today's music horrible.
Dumbass: liek omg i haev to download Ke$ha's song off itunes rite now!!!1 she is sooo talented!! I <3 Ke$ha!!!!!!!11

Intelligent person: Please kill yourself.
by iduncurr February 25, 2010
A musical artist with very minimal/no talent, Ke$ha is a term known as 'crack-whore', or a whore who is addicted to crack cocaine. Despite having poor musicianship, Ke$ha is frequently played on the radio and is the voice of a generation of fellow crack-whores who believe it to be okay to get "crunk" at 9 in the morning.
To compensate for her poor musicianship and horrendous outer-appearance, Ke$ha frequently likes to overuse makeup and glitter, giving her another appropriate term; "The Glam Whore".
Ke$ha is 'under-talented' and 'overrated' because her musical abilities are considerably limited, but her songs are gaining alarmingly frequent airplay.
by semipunk93 December 29, 2010
The newest addition to the line of auto tune whores in the pop music industry. Basically all of Ke$ha's songs recycle one general idea, which is getting drunk and partying. Her songs have been edited so many times that you can barely recognize her real voice. Think of her as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Paris Hilton all combined into one mega slut.
Me: Ke$ha is a talentless whore, auto tone made her famous. I hope that bitch quits acting like a drunk whore and gets a real job.
by MKJ120 March 01, 2010
Adjective, the opposite of classy.
Girl 1: Look at that girl in the sequin belly shirt!
Girl 2: whoa, she is so ke$ha.
by studnugget March 25, 2010
- noun
1. any form of shit and glitter mixed in many variations.
2. song writer with no real singing talent being displayed just talking with auto-tune heavily applied.
3. an item of disgust and undesirability.
1. shit and glitter : Man that food was Ke$ha
2 Unpleasant : " id rather die then kiss Ke$ha "
by //R+// January 16, 2011
an untalented autotune pop whore. Well, she may have some talent, but since everything is autotuned, it's impossible to tell.

She looks like Paris Hilton when she's clubbing. Albeit, she looks like Paris Hilton after she's done a crapload of coke, drank a 40 of schnapps, passed out in her own vomit and redid her makeup (set to whore) while too intoxicated to stand.
"WTF happened last night?"
"You got so wasted that you look like Ke$ha"
"OMG, my face looks like I passed out in glitterry finger paint. Why am I in a bath tub?"
"Do you feel like P. Diddy?"
by mcDennis March 21, 2010
1. a new "singer" whose "singing" is enhanced by over using autotune.
2. a cheesy name.
3. a mix between miley cyrus and souljaboy.
4. the one who killed pop off for good.
5. an ear infection.
6. the reason why recycling might actually be bad.

-even though she isn't played as much as lady gaga, her singing is that of a dead ant.
i heard ke$ha's so called songs on the radio and had a stroke.
by slashtehnoob March 30, 2010