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One of the many forms of terrorism (in the form of torture) used by the US military in the "service" of putting an end to terrorism. Waterboarding (called "water torture" in the 16th century and used to test the witchiness of witches) involves holding a person down, covering their face with fabric, then pouring water on the fabric. The wet fabric makes it impossible to breath and the person feel as if they are about to drown, thus freaking them out to the extent that they will do just about anything to avoid more torture.
The CIA and US military use waterboarding to promote democracy worldwide.
by spenceronehalf December 28, 2005
When you ejaculate on a person's face, and the cum-shot ends up going up their nostrils, making it temporarily difficult for him or her to breathe through their nose. The reference is to the torture technique in which a victim is placed on a downwards sloping board, and water is poured into his or her's nostrils, simulating the sensation of drowning.
"Man, I just wanted to cum on her face, but I ended up waterboarding her instead."

"You can cum on my face, but don't waterboard me."
by G8tto Fabul0so March 25, 2010
A form of torture which simulates drowning by placing a sheet of cloth over one's face and pouring water over it. The wet cloth makes is impossible to breathe through. This tactic is used by the U.S. interrogators and others when dealing with suspected terrorists and other detainees.
The Marine was left with no choice but to induce waterboarding when interrogating his detainee.
by GuitarkidUSCG June 04, 2007
Unintended suffocation while giving head -- can feel like a form of waterboarding.
My husband was pressing on my head while I was giving him head and unbeknownst to him, his cock and my spit plugged up my airway. When I stopped to catch my breath, I exclaimed, "that felt like waterboarding!"
by tightrope walker June 15, 2016
Alternate spelling of waterboarding. There are several variations on the technique, but it generally involves holding a subject's head in a declined position and forcing water into their airway, thus inducing a feeling of terror as the body believes it is drowning. If performed correctly, water boarding does not leave marks and is not lethal.
Water boarding is not nearly as much fun as boogie boarding.
by yaolinglingjiu January 24, 2012
When a pregnant woman's water breaks while she is receiving oral sex, thus expelling amniotic fluid in her partner's face/mouth, simulating drowning as in the controversial interrogation technique.
Yeah I was going to town on my pregnant wife and just before climaxing she waterboarded the shit out of me. It was a little f'd, but yeah the baby's healthy.

by Nigbert October 11, 2012
Getting a blowjob in the shower
Waterboarding = guy standing, girl kneeling, shower running.

You can imagine it's pretty hard to breathe much less see with that much going on in your face. "Board" = pretty much self-explanatory.
by ksocreative June 08, 2011
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