Mick Jagger's mistress.
Yo homie, I went to that Ke$ha show last night and to my surprise I saw Ke$ha all over Mick Jagger!
by jimmyjone$$ March 09, 2010
Slutty, party like, drunk
That's so Ke$ha of you to wear that shirt.
by Capushino November 03, 2010
music-making song artist slutty, but not slutty enough to be "Her Majesty", Lady Gaga
Ke$ha feels like P Diddy this morning
by Sunshine "The Better Than U!" August 15, 2010
gay ass bitch
Did u hear the new ke$ha song?

ya it sucked dick
by dayyyaaaammmmdumbassmofucka March 30, 2011
To be dirty , wearing stuff from your local garbage dump , being called a ke$ha is the worst insult you can receive
Girl 1: Your such a fucking ke$ha
Girl 2: runs away, crying and hangs herself on the fan
by nirvanaforever November 03, 2010
A comedian who's joke is to sing terribly. She has been seen on many show's and has won awards. She also likes to run around half naked while singing.
Person 1: Dude did you hear Ke$ha last night?
Person 2: Yeah man that was hilarious.
by ferrettamer September 15, 2010
Ke$ha isn't that talented but she is funny and her music is catchy.
Ke$ha's song is stuck in my head! The lyrics are so stupid!
by MAZZAGEEGEE August 18, 2010
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