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Yet another no-talent hack posing as a musician. Her lyrics read like they were written by an 11 year old girl with ADHD, and she can't sing worth shit. In fact, she doesn't even sing her verses - she just proses while autotuning her voice to the point that she sounds like a chalkboard being scraped with a cheese grater, while synthesizers drone on in the background. The only part of her awful "songs" (if you can call them that) which she actually sings is the chorus.

Sadly, this bitch has a large fanbase of 13 year old girls, so she makes millions off of her shit, while plenty of musicians with real talent struggle daily just to make a living (her success is, of course, due to her "assets" - meaning her boobs and ass). The success of talentless idiots like Ke$ha and Justin Bieber could rightfully be interpreted as a sign of the Apocaylpse.
The CIA has recently started using Ke$ha songs as a torture device for interrogating suspected terrorists. Now they won't have any need for waterboarding.
by ElvisHairDude98 November 23, 2010
An American 3rd party made up of guys who've never read the US Constitution.

In reality, the CP is a far-right, theocratic fascist party which is completely anti-Constitution and anti-individual liberties - very similar to the BNP. They just used "Constitution" in their parties name because it sounds trendy, just like the NSDAP used "socialist" in it's name (because this was a trendy term back in 1930s Germany).

Their goals are essentially the same as those of the NSDAP - they are pro-big government, pro-historical revisionism (ex. claiming the US was founded as a Christian nation) and favor censoring free speech and religious practices that their White Christian elites don't like. And while not openly racist like their Neo-Nazi siblings are, they make it obvious that they despise all who aren't white and Christian.

Thankfully these guys have no elected officials in the US Congress, because if they had their way, they would turn this country into a White Christian police state, like Iran or Communist China, only whiter and more Christian.
Constitution Party member: America was founded on The 10 Commandments. Therefore the Constitution gives us a right to outlaw all non-Christian religions (see the 1st Commandment).

Smart person: Wow, go read a book or something, redneck idiot.
by ElvisHairDude98 November 19, 2010
An organization which deceives stupid and insecure people (usually middle-aged loners who've never had a boyfriend/girlfriend) by promising them importance or power if they dedicate their meaningless lives to serving them (ex. promising their members eternal salvation).

In reality, cults only care about making money or gaining political power for their leaders, and have no remorse about exploiting and intimidating their members in the process. Cults are basically like evil corporations, only much, much eviler and dangerous.

To understand the psychology of a cult member, first:

1. Picture some uneducated, unmarried middle-aged loser who works 50 hours a week at Wal-Mart for 8 bucks an hour, and tells everyone how much he loves his job and how nice his bosses are, and is willing to rat you out if he hears you say anything negative about your job. Creepy right?

2. Now, picture a person who is the equivalent of the guy above, but does the same work for FREE, or worse yet, even PAYS out of his OWN POCKET for the "privilege" of doing work for his organization (aka his cult).

This is the psychology of a cult member - they are literally the lowest common denominator of society. Essentially, they are the "teacher's pet" kid who annoyed the hell out of everyone in 3rd grade, and never outgrew this psychology even in adulthood. Avoid cult members at all costs, they are at best, delusional, and at worst, downright sociopaths.
900 members of the Jim Jones cult killed themselves and their children at his request - can you imagine any sane person doing that?
by ElvisHairDude98 November 14, 2010
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