1. Pop singer with little to no singing ability. Recent hits include Tik Tok and Your Love is My Drug. One time was enough. Ke$ha is also featured in the hit song of equally talentless artist Flo-Rida (he's from Florida so he put a space in the middle of the word. Not only do Ke$ha and Flo-rida share a lack of talent but both have incredibly unimaginative monikers). Almost entirely auto-tuned, her sound resembles that of a malfunctioning masturbating robot. Her lyrics, the few that make sense anyway, promote the once condemned stupid and cheap behavior that causes STDs. Her style is a failed imitation of Lady Gaga and is likened more to that of...well I was gonna say trashy hookers but I don't want to insult hookers that way
2. Sign that American mainstream music fails
Did you hear that new Ke$ha song?
I didn't make it past the first 5 seconds.
by Supersir April 05, 2011
Female pop singers name incorrectly pronounced "Kesha" (Keh-Shuh)

1) As the dollar symbol "$" has no sound associated with it inside a word, "Ke$ha" would be pronounced (Keh-Huh)

2) As scholars now believe, Ke$ha wanted the "$" symbol to add a sound to her stage name, thereby "Ke$ha" should be spoken as such: (Kuh-Dollar-Hah)
Ke$ha, Correctly Spoken:

Angie: Are you going to the "Glitter on the Floor" concert?

Becky: Yeah! I can't wait to see what Kuh-Dollar-Hah wears!
by Dr. Redneck November 29, 2010
a 'singer' who failed kindergarten, a horrible example of singing, and tells kids its okay to go out and get wasted. and who has no ideas who mick jagger is.
ke$ha: omg lets go do guys who look like mick Jaggerrrr!
Sane person: do you even know who mick jagger is?

9 yr old: lets go get wasted!
Me: do you even know what that is?
9 yr old: no but Ke$ha said its cool so i wanna get wasted!
by BearyBoo December 03, 2010
An adjective describing a disgusting grimy appearance or smell of a female caused by not showering for an extended period of time.
Girl 1: Oh my god look at that girls hair.
Girl 2: So gross, she's so Ke$ha I can smell her from here.
by Deelete January 11, 2011
Yet another no-talent hack posing as a musician. Her lyrics read like they were written by an 11 year old girl with ADHD, and she can't sing worth shit. In fact, she doesn't even sing her verses - she just proses while autotuning her voice to the point that she sounds like a chalkboard being scraped with a cheese grater, while synthesizers drone on in the background. The only part of her awful "songs" (if you can call them that) which she actually sings is the chorus.

Sadly, this bitch has a large fanbase of 13 year old girls, so she makes millions off of her shit, while plenty of musicians with real talent struggle daily just to make a living (her success is, of course, due to her "assets" - meaning her boobs and ass). The success of talentless idiots like Ke$ha and Justin Bieber could rightfully be interpreted as a sign of the Apocaylpse.
The CIA has recently started using Ke$ha songs as a torture device for interrogating suspected terrorists. Now they won't have any need for waterboarding.
by ElvisHairDude98 November 23, 2010
An intoxicated Taylor Swift. She is also known for dressing like a crackwhore.
Taylor has had so much vodka, she's starting to look like Ke$ha
by Galloping Stallion June 27, 2010
The biggest embarrassment and piece of shit whore ever introduced to the music industry. She dresses like a prostitute that is dropped off nightly at the local red-light district to work for the money that she obviously can't earn through her shitty singles. Everytime she's on tv she looks high as a fucking kite, or fucking drunk. She wears clothing that look like shit rags used to wipe a person's ass with, and her hair is like a wig that has been throw in a big ass garbage can for 3 years, rotted, and throw in a damn wood chipper. Her and Justin Beiber were both meant for eachother, they both suck ass.
Ke$ha sounds like a squirrel dying combined with nails being dragged down a chalkboard and some old 55 year old man taking a massive dump.
by thisissteveward May 16, 2010

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