Basically, If you flushed Taylor Swifts head in a toilet full of glitter and vodka you'd end up with Ke$ha.

Her songs are extremly annoying, but catchy. Ke$ha's voice is most likely auto-tuned.
Person one: Ke$ha is awesome.
Person two: Hah...whatever floats your boat.
by JazzieisSpazzie May 26, 2010
1. (prop. n.) Hands-down, the MOST annoying voice currently in rotation on Top-40 radio stations (as of 2010-APR-27). 2. (n.) The ultimate song ninja. 3. (adj.) Appealing only to absent minded sorority girls with the maturity of a sophomore in high school (a.k.a. Tri-Deltas). 4. (n) The reason for the mad dash to the radio console for the sole purpose of changing the station. 5. (n) Cause for mass panic and exitus from dance clubs/parties due to the sudden drop in IQ from her music. 6. (n.) EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH POP MUSIC!
1) My GOD! Ke$ha's voice is annoying as hell!
2) ::humming "Tik-Tok":: *ARGH!* DAMN YOU KE$HA!
3) ::cell phone ringtone "Blah-blah-blah!". High maintenance young woman with orange "tan" answers phone:: "Delta, delta, delta house. How can I help ya, help ya, help ya!
::voice on phone:: "Is the luau party to benefit The Center for Children Who Don't Read Too Good tonight?"
::orange tan female:: "Mos' def! Dress code is Ke$ha!"
4) Change the station! They're playing Ke$ha.
5) GTFO! The dj just put on Ke$ha! Save yourself!
6) Ke$ha is one of the top played and downloaded artists of the year?! God help us all.
by MaverickAg April 27, 2010
1. Nasty Caucasian bitch that sings about drinking and dancing all the damn time.

2. Vomit incarnate

3. The avatar of the celestial spirit of vomit
1. Ke$ha vomits tequila and glitter

2. "Wake up in the morning... with glltter on my face like I'm motherfuckin 2 years old" From Tik Tok by Ke$ha
by Lucifer66666 April 28, 2010
The sum of Taylor Swift + Alcohol
What do you get when you mix Taylor Swift and Alcohol?

ke$ha !!!
by MyMelody July 16, 2010
A cheesy pop singer that is famous for no good reason. She also has a really horrible voice.
Ke$ha fan: Have you heard that song Tik Tok? Its really amazing.

Me: I only listened to like 15 seconds of it. It was horrible.

Ke$ha fan: Fuck you! She is really talented!

Me: You think she's talented? She can't even sing! Go listen to some real music!
by elmacko May 05, 2010
see Whore
wow man... that Ke$ha gave you head?
by pinkn1nja June 18, 2010
a whore who goes to night clubs and has sex with guys in the clubs (most likely bathrooms and seductively in a sitting area). She lets 12-14 year olds listen to her idiotic music, and then parents wonder why is my little 14 year old daughter starting to drink... well in most of her shit songs it says Bottle of Jack "Jack Daniels" and getting drunk and touching junk, shes a fail and I think if she was the last woman on earth I would fuck her shit up. Shes a bad influence to young girls and she needs to be shot. she is the cancer of partying and drinking and she needs to die. and ke$ha if you're reading this...... you're a complete and total dike.
guy 1: Dude my girlfriend won't stop going to party's and getting drunk and fucking a bunch of other dudes...
guy2: She was listening to ke$ha wasn't she...
guy1: Yes... how did you figure?
guy2: Drinking, Partying
guy1: Fucking ke$ha i'm going to rip open her chest and incinerate her heart.... that's if it doesn't have alcohol poisoning
by IntentiveFuckFace June 11, 2010

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