A Jordan is an extremely rare and exotic brand of female that comes in many different forms. She is never what you expect her to be, and she never says what you would expect her to say. A Jordan defies all odds and you'll lose against her no matter what. She is often judged and put in a character box, but you will always be wrong about her, for she is ever changing and fantastical. She has the right moves, grooves, and will make you blush at the drop of a hat. Always confident, never conceited. Beautiful inside and out. Sex kitten on the prowl. Devoted, true, honest, and all together a gorgeous enigma that you can't touch. That is a Jordan.
"That girl is unbelievable; she's everything anyone could want!"

"I know. She's a total Jordan."
by toxxxy February 04, 2010
the love of youre life who will pretend to like you just for fun. hes amazing at sports, funny, quiet, loving, caring, super sexy, and has breath-taking eyes. he IS perfect. he can be a douche bag at times but is so worth it. he lies but you can never tell when. if you even get a jordan, hold onto him for as long as you can. youll regret losing him...
Girl 1: "sigh..."
Girl 2: whats up?
Girl 1: just guess..
Girl 2: mmm... jordan?
Girl 1: yep.
by kitkat14 September 24, 2010
the hardest song in guitar hero 2.. Jordan by Buckethead. Inspired by Michael Jordan and only recorded with a solo for GH2 so far
"I heard that guy got a 5star on Jordan"
"not even ES942 can full combo Jordan"
by Elliott Rudner May 02, 2007
A girl that is the coolest, funniest hottest girl around. A jordan makes you very happy and most people that meet a Jordan will fall for them straight away.
omfg i would love to have a Jordan.
by jeffery3500 October 07, 2009
To go crazy on someone and punch their lights out. Often twice your own age.
Shut your face or I'll go Jordan on your ass.

Man if I find out who it is, I'll fucking Jordan them.
by Bacon Boy Jimmy August 26, 2008
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