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Used to describe certain pairs of shoes endorsed by Michael Jordan which are very popular with basketball players and shoe collectors alike.
-There are two types of jordan shoes
1. Team Jordan
2. Air Jordans (Jordan I-XXIII)

AIR Jordans are generally of the higher quality and much hype is usually surrounded by each release.
You can always see me rockin' a fresh pair of Jordans.
by r3d23a1r March 20, 2008
A Jordan is absolutely fantastic. She never is boring and is constantly interesting. She is sweet but has an amazing sexy side to her. A Jordan is usually beautiful. Her beauty is indescribable and it should never be described as using "hot." A Jordan is so kind and loving she deserves just as much respect. A Jordan needs the attention and affection that she deserves. Also, she doesn't take things too fast, so don't go too far with her or else you will regret it. A Jordan also usually has an amazing smile. The smile is so cute it's almost serial. And what is there to say about the eyes and hair!? A Jordan's eyes are so attractive and cute. A person could stare into them and just get lost. A Jordan's hair isn't any less amazing. It flows out so naturally, it is so stunning. No matter how she has it; curly, straight etc., she looks beautiful. You could stay with her for the longest time and do nothing and you would never be bored because just being in her presence and being with a Jordan is good enough. But it's not all about looks. A Jordan usually has a great personality. Her laugh is different but so sweet and cute. She is talented in so many ways and she is probably very smart. You couldn't ask for a more perfect girl.
Dude she's hot!
No man, she's a Jordan, she's beautiful.
by NaAhH G!! January 05, 2011
Also a girls name. Nicknames could be Jo, JoJo, or J squared. Amazingly beautiful inside and out (although they refuse to admit it). Stubborn willed, but trustworthy all the way. A great friend, and the best to have by your side. She'll never let you down.
I miss you Jordan
by Kaylzypoo October 24, 2009
A guy with a good head on his shoulders. He always tries to do the right thing. He's always fun to be around and has a very flirty personality. (good and bad) if I were his girlfriend i might be a little worried. Easy to fall in love with. Hard to control. He doesnt follow others he makes his own rules. He is the type of person who wants to have his cake and eat it too. All around he is an amazing guy<3
there is this really sweet guy named Jordan.
by ally30 March 12, 2010

jordan is my far the cutest name ever, but especially when it's used for a girl.
jordans tend to be petite girls with sassy attitudes. they are usually very beautiful caring kind and loving. they make the best girlfriends especially when matched with a girl who has a boy name as well. They have a way of brightening up a room just by walking in. a Jordan is the girl that makes you want to settle down and spend the rest of your life with her

She's perfect, a real Jordan!
by prettyrikki March 08, 2009
Very quiet, and secretive. They don't like to speak their feelings, and seem to have trust issues.

But they can be very fun, and lovable.

You can't help but love a Jordan! They've got to be one of the nicest boys you'll meet.
They do what a girl asks of them. Like a gentleman.

Jordan's like to joke around, but nothing too serious. They hate to hurt others. Very kind, and sincere.
"Jordan's such a sweety! The other day, I asked him for five dollars, to buy a slurpee, and he gave me ten!"
by Cauuuwwww October 08, 2011
the hardest song in guitar hero 2.. Jordan by Buckethead. Inspired by Michael Jordan and only recorded with a solo for GH2 so far
"I heard that guy got a 5star on Jordan"
"not even ES942 can full combo Jordan"
by Elliott Rudner May 02, 2007