the best daughter in the world,can always make you laugh..great sense of humor and beatious from the inside out.
she is smarter than she lets on.
that's my daughter..(jordan)
by munchkinsmom February 02, 2010
the most beutiful, hot, awesome person ever. you shouldnt get on her bad side or you are in danger. destind to be rich and famous.
" you know that hot girl over there. . ."
" yeah, shes totally a jordan!"
by xme4lyfx April 02, 2010
(Female) A Jordan is humorous, bubbly, cute and sweet- she can always make you feel better. She would hate to think that she has hurt anyone. She is very empathic and often feels very deeply for others. A Jordan is usually very intelligent and mature, yet very outgoing and possibly loud. A Jordan is incredibly creative. Jordans are never happy with themselves and are always wanting to be like others. A Jordan is very original and unique. She is very sensitive but can be controlling, slightly moody and aggresive. A Jordan usually has a lot of anxiety and worries a lot. A Jordan would never be mean on purpose because it breaks her heart to see others hurt. A Jordan is very bittersweet and can be selfish without knowing it. She is very confusing and indecisive. A Jordan see's things differently from everyone else. A Jordan is slightly shy but comes across very confident. Jordans are noticed to be quite different from everyone else. Almost everyone loves Jordans unless they are jealous or oppisites. She is a very good liar but doesn't usually lie. Everyone can trust a Jordan and they always confind in her. She is an amazing advice giver. A Jordan is very good at makeup and hairstyling also. A Jordan can make anything into her own. A Jordan can not be put into words.
Jordan, you always cheer me up!
Jordan, your so nice!
Jordan, your actually so funny!
Jordan, you always cheer me up!
Jordan, I can trust you!
Jordan, I love you!
by Cora Jones May 04, 2011
Kaeli's world.

Pretty much the hottest of the hot.
That dude is a total Jordan.
by KaeliK July 10, 2008

jordan is my far the cutest name ever, but especially when it's used for a girl.
jordans tend to be petite girls with sassy attitudes. they are usually very beautiful caring kind and loving. they make the best girlfriends especially when matched with a girl who has a boy name as well. They have a way of brightening up a room just by walking in. a Jordan is the girl that makes you want to settle down and spend the rest of your life with her

She's perfect, a real Jordan!
by prettyrikki March 08, 2009
For all the female jordan's out there!! She's hot as hell!! flirtatious, and very trendy. Usually is seen at the mall or spending her money in a million different ways. Very popular bizatch! Takes shots like a champ! Productive, and determined. Doesn't give up! When she wants something or someone she does whatever she can to get it.

Basically shes some pretty awesome shit! Especially for being able to rock a guys name, and put them to shame... in the bedroom AND the dance floor.
That bitch jordan is hott!

Who's that GIRL Jordan?
by Bel78515 February 04, 2010
the most wonderful girl ever.
she is really talented, pretty.
oh did i mention she can sing and act like crazy?
its insane how good she is.
she is also one of the sweetest, nicest people you will ever meet!
your life will change forever once you meet Jordan!
Jordan: heyyy! gimme some!
person: hey jordan! you just changed my life now that i met you!
by iknowthissucksbutitsformyfrien March 02, 2010

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