The craziest sex machine in the world.

A Jordan can make you pregnant just by looking at you. Orgasms a plenty, the smallest amount in one session in 37.

An all round sex guy.
Girl 1: Woah, check out that Jordan over there.
Girl 2: I think he looked at you!
Girl 1: Well that would explain wy my bra's off, panties are down and i'm about to give birth.
by Hollowman123 September 06, 2008
Most perfectest, amazingest person to walk the planet earth=)
He's perfectly amazing, must be a Jordan.
by AliciaD=) February 03, 2009
The name Jordan can refer to several things. As a name, it comes from the Hebrew Yarden, meaning "one which descends", and assimilated into Latin as Jordanus. In Arabic it is Urdunn, in Italian Giordano, in Spanish Jord¨¢n, in Afrikaans Jordaan, in French Jourdain, and in Catalan Jord¨¤.

Eastern Europe and Asian referances to this name:

Name in chinese and japanese characters mean to flow, to fall down, relating to the river jordan but also to the latin "one which descends".

Person 1: Is his name Jordan?
Person 2: Yeah, the name probably got named after the river.
Person 1: Not true, Christian properties of the name were probably thought of first.
by one which descends July 28, 2007
A beautiful, crazy girl. She's shy, but extremely smart. Everyone she knows loves her. She's impossible to hate. Even though she's one of the prettiest girls you'll ever meet, she won't believe you. Very modest about herself and listens to everyone. Pleases everyone. Guys want her, girls want to be her friend. If you ever meet a Jordan, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world.
guy: man, that girl is perfect.
other guy: well yeah. she's a jordan. what else?

girl: i wanna be like her.
other girl: who doesn't? she's jordan!
by captivatedbylove December 28, 2010
Jordan is a name given to kings and leaders. Statistically people named Jordan make more money than others. Jordans are mildly violent and generally will speak up for themselves. Jordan is also a term used to define a drug dealer.
1) I wish I was Jordan, he's rich!
2) Go ask Jordan over there if he can give us a deal.
by Andre Sensiracle June 14, 2008
There is a major difference between a boy Jordan and a girl Jordan. This definition will clarify. A girl Jordan, being given a traditionally male first name by her parents, rocks the name like no ones business. A girl Jordan is a tom boy at heart, but is a sexy stylish girl to attract the boys. A girl Jordan loves to laugh and has an infectious smile. A girl Jordan will put on a badass don't give a shit about anything woaaa why is she such a bitch front, but a girl Jordan is a sweetheart. A girl Jordan is smart and beautiful so get her and hold on because she will be off and running.
Why is she so good at everything?
She's a Jordan.

A boy?
No, a girl Jordan!

Wow, she looks like a bitch!
Relax, she is a Jordan.
by ztopwazhere February 16, 2010
Typically a female who carries herself well. Sarcastic, but very humorous.. its hard to find a guy who doesn't enjoy a Jordan's company. Jordan's avoid pettiness and bitchyness of others., and also tend to be more mature than most. Jordan's tend to have big hearts and innocent minds. They like to be liked by others, and most are..Jordan's find themselves making friends with everyone because of their outgoing friendly attitudes. Jordan's are ideal bestfriends, partiers, and girlfriends.
A sophisticated Jordanwoman.
Jordan is such a fun girl to be around.
Everyone wants Jordan at the party.
by theone1986 August 11, 2009

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