Synonyms: Squirtle, Squikachu, Joeh. The most amazing guy ever to walk the face of the planet. I could go on an on about him for hours. He will understand all your inside jokes, do awesome ninja activities with you, and just be all around excellent. He will even go so far as to dance Disco with you in matching outfits, even if he looks insane. If you EVER get lucky enough to snag a Joey, keep him around. You won't regret it.
Girl one: I have a date with Joey tonight
Girl two: OMG are you going to be ninjas?
Girl one: what else would we do?
by dancingmaniac2 March 01, 2010
commonly seen in a green hoodie and grey trackie bottom. a boy who thinks he's too G to be called joe. this boy thinks he's pretty fly for a white guy.
"look at joey in his fly clothes"

"ahh sik call me joey"

"joey's looking pretty randy today"
by jjl123 March 12, 2010
Joey- an amazing guy with great eyes, he's very charming and all the girls chase after him. he's loyal and loving. Joey is an amazing kisser and knows the right things to say at the right moment. He has a great body, and is extremely funny. He is full of suprises, and hates the word band-aid because he thinks its bandage. joey has an amazing immitaion austrailian accent and always makes me laugh. **GIRLS** if a Joey ever gets mad, dont let him walk away, always chase after him and make everything alright. trust me you dont want to lose him. he'll be the best thing you'll ever find....
joey- hey you :)
maddie- hey :)
joey- i have a suprise for you....
maddie- whatt??
joey- will you go out with me?
maddie- yes!
by m&ms are good August 19, 2011
a man who lives with a bunch of females. Has a lot of hobbies and toys. Likes to look good, but not afraid to get dirty. Center of attention at gatherings and always willing to grab a mike and entertain the crowd. Loves his family and has good values. Known to have a short fuse, but his bark is bigger than his bite. Likes guns, Whataburger, and a good pair of boots.
by Kemah February 02, 2010
the best bf in the whole fucking world that makes you orgasm every time you look at him! omg hes soooo hot! Hes the best person in the world and his gf loves him more than anyone in the whole world and always will<3
girl1;"shes going out with Joey!..lucky bitch."
girl2; "He has a nice ass and a big big yum!"
by joeylover February 22, 2012
One Sexy Person That Gets All The Ladies And A Very Cool Person Particularly Named Joseph Or Josef
Joey looked so sexy yesterday.
Everybody knows Joey duhh.
Oh Joey? Yea he gets all of the ladies
by joeyrobinson October 23, 2010
a very sexy thang that is the hottest thing alive. :)
Looks sorta tanned and make u wanna lick him till he turns white.

Hes cute and nice, talks like a bunny, but damm he so sexy.
Hes happy like every day and the best person you have ever met.
MAN 1: "oh DAANG DAAANG u see that hot guy ther"

MAN 2: "O ya.. hes just too hot man, a JOEY"

girl 1: "omg a bunch of pure bliss, goodness, shininess, and a hint of mexican all right there BABAY."

Man 1 and 2: "Yeh MAN!"
by getitupBABY December 08, 2010

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