A guy with a huge dick, usually out going and cool! Joey's are usually hillarious, and very good in bed. and wanted by all women and always dates very hot girls older then him!
all joeys
by kfjsklfhslkhslfhsfhsjfhsjf April 29, 2009
Brit slang. Insult. Term used to denote someone who has performed an act of unparalelled stupidity. The name is an abbreviation of a highly publicised sufferer of cerebral palsy in the 1980's called Joey Deacon. His name lives on in playgrounds and workplaces across the country everytime someone fails to engage their brain. Insult often combined with a forcing of the tongue firmly into the lower lip with an accompanying "mmmmmmmuuhh" sound.
"Mate, you won't believe what Dave just did"


"He just sent a text message to his girlfriend Monica telling her that he can still smell her twat on his fingers from last night."


"He sent the message to the other 'M' in his phone book by mistake. He's on the phone to his mother now trying to explain."

"Hahahaha. What a fucking Joey."
by irreverent August 01, 2006
irish for big dick
american slang for likes to mess with total assholes
usually a spazz
dude did you hear what jack did to old man jenkins?

no... shut up and tell me!

he put on a speedo and did that "party boy " thing from jackass then kicked him in balls!

haha, what a joey
by joeyb March 01, 2007
slang for Big dick; Joey and the twins, or Dr Joey and the paramedics
Dr Joey is ready for his surgery tonight
by rmglenn April 28, 2008
a hot guy who has a massive dick
also can be refered to as a "chick magnet"
Hus that?. hes a joey
by bob's ur dad September 08, 2008
probably the most spectacular guy ever.
tends to look like a hotter version of emile hirsch.
plus, he's named after a baby kangaroo, so yeah, be jealous.
Is that Emile Hirsch?
No, idiot, it's Joey.
by jcat11 November 28, 2009
A competitive boy with a unique sense of compassion for everyone around him who is sexy enough to be the spawn of Rob Lowe. He's usually very serene and collected and helps his friends be the same, but when highly agitated his emotions tend to take over. He's like a perfect big brother to everyone. All the girls want him more than they want anything because when he takes his shirt off, it's like heaven embodied in a single man.
girl 1: I wish I had my own Joey
girl 2: Don't we all!
by uscgirl1658 May 16, 2010
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