a cross between a hipster and a scene kid but will get pissed if you call him either of those. smokes as much as he jerks off but refuses to be called a stoner and hits on every girls but calls himself caring and dedicated. makes him self out to be the victim in every situation. bisexaul but won't admit to it. main interests included smoking boobs sex 420 video games weed sex weed drugs hipster swag yolo scene threesomes boys with piercings botdf and weed.
calls joey out on his bullsit**
peace yolo i don't have time for drama imma go smoke some weed japanese pool boys sex drugs dustep
by suckmyfuck420weed February 10, 2014
a perfect boyfriend.

hotter and better than all other guys.
including josh hutcherson.
he's funny and cute and the best kind of guy out there.
joey edwards is perfect
by nigger cats February 04, 2012
Joey is a boy name, but SOMETIMES a girl one! Joey is a nice, blonde blue eyes, sexy, hot girl. She loves attention and is very modest. You could say she's perfect, 'cause she almost is, but one thing is her being TOO FRIENDLY with other guys, sometimes it's worrying 'cuz she's so pretty! She is bisexual, but mostly guys. She loves rap and RnB. She has the voice of a goddess and has the moste amazing 1000 dollar smile EVER. she is sensible to poverty, sick and dying.
Guy 1: "Im going out with this REALLY hot chick, but she's not like your girlfriend... I don't know, yours just is so... better."
Guy 2: "Joey is mine. I was lucky enough to charm her. TOO BAD! suckeeeer!"
by JustAGuy.... September 24, 2011
a loveable pain in the ass. He'll drive you wild in more ways than one.
I love my Joey more than anything.
by 04kitty20 June 21, 2016
The guy you blame everything on
Person 1: "My mom died from a heart attack today.."
Person 2: "DAMNIT JOEY!"
by DOOOOOD1337420blazeit November 23, 2015
Scrawny white kid who sits in his house, playing nothing but video games, thinks he's cool, but in reality, he's the kid that gets stuffed into lockers everyday at school, tends to piss people off by saying ''Fgt'' which is actually Faggot and is a total douchebag with no life whatsoever.
Stop acting like a Joey!
by Joey Rodriguez: scrawny kid July 23, 2015
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