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(Jeer-aw-puh-nohs) A ceremonial ladder used by Jiralia islanders in ancient times. The origins of this item relate to a story of a man wanting to marry a goddess. This goddess was in the form of a Giraffe. He used the ladder to climb up and mount her.

The Islanders use the Jirauponoss to in their ceremony of "Cho'ell Kay'embe" Where the man who manages to use his ladder to climb and successfully mount the tallest giraffe, is granted the privilege of marrying the woman with the longest neck in the village.

In modern days it is used as a softhearted insult. "Go climb a Jirauponoss. It is the equivalent of saying, "Go screw a goat." or giving someone the finger.
He really wants to get married, I mean just look at how tall hs's building his Jirauponoss.
by HistoryGeek1234 August 24, 2009
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