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When you feel special, you call yourself Hussam
I feel Hussam today !
by Casse-Cou September 30, 2005
A person who protects till death and cares for his closest friends. He will do anything to keep them safe.
Hussam protected me!
by The truesamnuria April 29, 2011
To Hussam is to freak out and panic when the slightest thing goes wrong.
For example: You forgot to hand in your assignment on time and you panic even though it is not late enough for you to receive a late penalty. You jump out of your chair and flip the desk you're sitting at, you then call a taxi to take you to the building where you need to hand in your assignment.

You pulled a Hussam.
by Talanaranah November 30, 2012
To buy a womans affection with foods such as, Cookies, Danishes, cakes, Sweets of any kind.
Joe Leaves a bag of cookies on his desk for the cleaning lady to buy her love.

You are pulling a Hussam right now Brah!
by Knozz November 01, 2012
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