JASON - 'the healer', 'to heal', or 'to cure'.

In Greek Mythology, Jason was a Thessalian hero who led the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece.

You can also find the name Jason in the Bible. Jason had a house that was used for refuge by Paul and Silas.

According to some philosophies, the name Jason is assosiated with.....

- Sensitivity and appreciation for the finer and deeper things in life.
- Reading, study, and contemplation of many different subjects.
- Intense curiousity and intrigue by anything out of the ordinary.
- When confronted with monotony, curiousity and the initial intrigue will wane, resulting in many things left unfinished.
- A desire for a quiet and peaceful environment, but this is rarely obtained.
- Extremely high ideals and expectations, leaving oneself disappointed and cynical.
A very common name given to a male in the United States is Jason.
by SmokeTwibz January 28, 2013
A group of black people.
by xmikeydeex October 29, 2009
JASON- tends to be a likeable person. funny,witty and knows how to treat a lady. shows love in depth but is often hurt when he shows feelings. loves good conversations and lasting relationships. if your lucky enough to snag one and love him like he loves you consider yourself very lucky..
Your lucky if you got a jason!
Jason is so funny.
where oh where could my jason be?
by jlw1369 January 22, 2014
An adorable Vietnamese boy born with large eyes and black hair, but only the ones with the best taste in music will be cool enough to dye part of it blonde.

Every single girl seems to fall for a Jason, so you'd be extraordinarily lucky to have a Jason fall for you.

Jasons are very tall with an abnormally big appetite. Don't be surprised if a Jason leaves you for food - you'd do best to get used to it.

Jasons have the cutest voice ever, even if it is slightly higher than most. If you're special enough to be allowed to hear a Jason sing, good luck listening to anything other than his singing for the next decade.

Jasons make you smile the most, and the thought of being with one someday is enough to make your heart melt and keep you awake every night.

An asian (specifically Vietnamese) version of Justin Bieber, although Jasons are a bit hotter and have a better sense of humor.
Omg you're leaving me again? What a Jason!
Stop making me smile like a maniac - you remind me of Jason.
Jason? Hell yeah, of course I love him.
by fatrice July 04, 2010
A guy with brown hair, a great smile and big blue eyes. Seems to be an airhead when you meet him but you'll quickly learn that you had the privileged of meeting someone with such an amazing outlook on life. Jason is the type of guy EVERY GIRL will want to give a Valentine to but the constant flow of girls scares a lot of real girls away. This guy will always put a smile on your face while tears are streaming down your face, he is a great friend to all. Jason is a great listener and will give you brutally honest advice weather you like it or not. There's many positives and negatives of being friends with a Jason but one thing is for sure, you'll learn to love this special soul.
Jack: "You're friends with Jason? He's a little weird"
Jill: "He's always like that to everyone that meets him, talk to him more, you won't regret it."
Jack: "Welp, I better! He sounds like the shizwhiz!"
by JackandJillAreObese March 04, 2013
a cool guy you meet over the internet, bit odd, but brilliant and can make you laugh at the drop of a hat.
i feel so sad OMDs JASON hahaahahahahahahahhah :)
by gerkin July 31, 2012
A "Jason" dive is a term popularized by scuba divers in the Monterey Bay area. This neologism was coined by a dive shop manager in response to one of his employee's habit of completing only one scuba dive during an outing, even though the typical practice is to complete two scuba dives (a two tank dive).

Over the past year the term has caught on with local dive clubs, who announce single dive events as a "Jason." Some have interpreted it to mean cancelling a planned second dive, though it more appropriately refers to a planned single dive.
Diver A: Wanted to do a two tank dive, but I am going to have to pull a Jason today.

Diver B: That sucks.
by AJM85 June 28, 2012

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