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The man of my dreams. He's unlike any other. People who don't know him are easy captivated by him. He brings calmness to his surroundings. The best friend anyone could ask for. Listens to you. Never judges you instead challenges you to be a better person. He shows love in everything he does. Slow to love and very guarded with his heart. Loyal beyond words. What he says he will do. He is protective of his family and friends. Most of all whoever becomes his wife will be one lucky woman
Ann-Who is that guy?
Joe- That is Jason.
Ann- I want to be his gf.
by Swtksss October 13, 2013
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Jason is a guy who melts your heart whenever he smile. He makes you smile on your worst days, he has the lamest jokes, and the weirdest laugh. He's sweet, caring and adorable. If you ever have the chance to date a Jason, never let him go, it'll be the worst mistake of your life. Jason's can be boring, annoying and mean. But, you'll get over that. When Jason's aren't boring or mean.. he's amazing,generous and outgoing.He goes out of his way for other people. He has a laid back, calm approach. Jason's are normally truthful, gullible and very attractive(: He's good to get along with, and easy to fall in love with.
Jason is a ginger.
I love Jason so much (:
I have a Jason for a boyfriend.. be jealous!
by Lex_123456 May 19, 2012
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People who do not own a car, are about 13 years old and like to flame people who put work into their cars, calling them ricers, even if they look clean. These people also like to avoid posting pictures of "their cars" by quoting words from A ndrew the great e.g. Lolque Ricer, in the biggest and boldest text available on a certain forum.
Dude with an awesome car: Yea, I just bought me a new supra
Dude with an awesome car: How can it be a ricer if it's exterior is stock? Post some pictures of your ride!
by A ndrew de Great September 14, 2009
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Jason is a guy with a large forhead and with friends like weed and bud,he is an intelligent guy with no heart beating inside him,you will get to know that the longer you know him..
Jason once went out with a girl for five years and dumped her for a girl with a bigger wage,he is the kinda shy awkward lovely type of guy who will leave a girl crying at the alter he is sooo nice and friendly yall..saracasm

The truth is nobody will be the future mrs N... Because he is a sociopath and will get found out sooner or later the mask of charm will slip..
by jasonisanerd December 27, 2013
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Jason - An intelligent guy with no heart.
Jason is a sociopath,stay out of his way you will only get burned..
by thatgirlwhoknowsyouwell December 27, 2013
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A guy who is hard to get but he'll go through one girl after another. He's really nice and sweet, but don't be fooled, you wont last long with a Jason. He's usually shy until you get to know him. He's not the type to be your best friend or boyfriend. He swoons the girls and many girls drool over the gentleman personality Jason's have, but he's a forever alone type of guy even if he has a girlfriend. These guys don't talk things over even when situations aren't smooth all over. He'll just be like whatever, a reason why they don't keep a girl for long.
Girl 1: My boyfriend, Jason, doesn't really talk about problems in our relationship.
Girl 2: I heard he'll dump you soon.
Girl 3: Jason is your boyfriend?! Oh, he's dreamy. But not boyfriend material from what I heard.
Girl 2: See? He's probably not interested in you anymore.
Girl 1: Thanks for the warning, totally not dating a Jason next time.
Girl 3: You shouldn't have dated one in the first place, they just play you.
by PandaLuv November 24, 2013
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JASON - 'the healer', 'to heal', or 'to cure'.

In Greek Mythology, Jason was a Thessalian hero who led the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece.

You can also find the name Jason in the Bible. Jason had a house that was used for refuge by Paul and Silas.

According to some philosophies, the name Jason is assosiated with.....

- Sensitivity and appreciation for the finer and deeper things in life.
- Reading, study, and contemplation of many different subjects.
- Intense curiousity and intrigue by anything out of the ordinary.
- When confronted with monotony, curiousity and the initial intrigue will wane, resulting in many things left unfinished.
- A desire for a quiet and peaceful environment, but this is rarely obtained.
- Extremely high ideals and expectations, leaving oneself disappointed and cynical.
A very common name given to a male in the United States is Jason.
by SmokeTwibz January 28, 2013
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