Jason is a fucking beast. This kid rips people apart on the football field, and is not to be fucked with, ever.
Spectator: You see Jason out there?

Spectator 2: Hell yea he just ripped that kids arm off :O
by Jason the Linebacker October 18, 2012
A very sweet boy. Can be a jerk sometimes, but really cares about the ones he loves. Really knows how to make a move and is overall amazing. Flirts alot, and may make their girlfriend or lover mad about that, but when he loves you, he loves YOU and no one else. Jasons are great.
He's such a flirt!

Yeah, thats Jason.
by ejreeworijofe October 12, 2012
People who do not own a car, are about 13 years old and like to flame people who put work into their cars, calling them ricers, even if they look clean. These people also like to avoid posting pictures of "their cars" by quoting words from A ndrew the great e.g. Lolque Ricer, in the biggest and boldest text available on a certain forum.
Dude with an awesome car: Yea, I just bought me a new supra
Dude with an awesome car: How can it be a ricer if it's exterior is stock? Post some pictures of your ride!
by A ndrew de Great September 14, 2009
Bipolar; Crazy!!
Jason is borderline nut house.
by Dexx December 02, 2014
A fucking hilarious guy who is usually a hardcore stoner. Jason loves to tell offending jokes (exp: dead baby jokes)
He is the most chillest person to meet and hearing him laugh will put a smile on your face.
Jason just told me the best dead baby joke EVER! Omfg..
Jason is fricken awesome
by Skybuggy July 15, 2014
A tight butthole that gets destroyed when doing anal.
Your Jasoning my asshole
by Raging in bed March 11, 2014
Jason - An intelligent guy with no heart.
Jason is a sociopath,stay out of his way you will only get burned..
by thatgirlwhoknowsyouwell December 27, 2013

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