A kind young man that would never hurt anyone intenially, also very attractive and unique. He is one of the best guys you will ever date and always understanding.
Jason is a very kind man.
by the truth_1234567 January 08, 2016
100% a dick
Man that's Jason. Man no one is like Jason
by SpookEtooth June 22, 2015
A fabulous handsome young man, who gets all of the ladies where ever he goes.
When Jason walked into the bar, every woman turned and stared at his handsomeness.
by Jayawsome December 13, 2014
a man who carries a machete and uses a hockey mask to hide his messed up face
Jason from Friday the 13th
by darkseeker July 20, 2011
Jason is a cute and funny guy. Jason loves to talk and spend time with a person he cherish and Jason normally has friend named Genevieve and one or the other will fall for another.Jason is a confident guy that would do anything to for his lover.Jason is special from other guys just notice how he is different from other guys and you will want your self a Jason, Unless your out of luck and es with a Genevieve.
Physically Attractive
Mentally Attractive
Emotionally Attractive
Jason : wanna grab a drink Me: (In head OMFG YES YES!!!!!) Ok!

Jason i want your babies every one of them!

Omg did you see what Jason Xu did for his Bae omg I would die for a boy like that!

OMG Jason remembered !!! awww!!
by not your bixxnezzzzzz October 28, 2015
Bipolar; Crazy!!
Jason is borderline nut house.
by Dexx December 02, 2014
A fucking hilarious guy who is usually a hardcore stoner. Jason loves to tell offending jokes (exp: dead baby jokes)
He is the most chillest person to meet and hearing him laugh will put a smile on your face.
Jason just told me the best dead baby joke EVER! Omfg..
Jason is fricken awesome
by Skybuggy July 15, 2014

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