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A group of black people.
by xmikeydeex October 29, 2009
The act of stuffing a hamburger inside a girl's vagina and eating it. Can also be accompanied by adding ketchup and mustard onto the vagina. It is still considered a jason if you shove a hot dog into her vagina.
"hey so what did you guys do last night? "
"I gave her a jason. "
by GalcoM213 November 25, 2011
the absolute greatest person alive. actually cares about your well being, funny, sincere, a truly remarkable person. without him i would more then likely be dead, or killed. <3
jason: sweetheart, just keep breathing.
by <3scissorhands January 31, 2009
Jason is a very kind hearted person. He can be shy at many times and you think he's a total creep until you really get to know him. He is crushing on this one girl that he can't possibly get over. He is very loyal and would sacrifice everything for his friends and family. His thoughts in his head keep killing him and killing him. He also sometimes overthink things. He jokes around a lot but can be very serious when needed. You might not tell from his outside but he is a very smart person. He doesn't like crowds and lots of people. He is more of a simple yet hard to understand person. No one in the world would ever begin to figure out what is in his thoughts. Jason in a wonderful man.
by Yoloman3918 October 14, 2013
The crazy black friend that everyone needs in their lives. The one that says OHAI THAR and pops out of nowhere, thus giving you a heart attack. Yup, thats him, the very defintion of awesome!

1. The lovable guy everyone knows and loves.
2. The crazy nerd who is yelling about some crazy fact.
3. The one that will bear hug you until you cannot breathe and your back is all cracked.
1: "OHAI THAR" *Death Hugs*
2: "Yup...that was JASON al'ight!" *gasps for air*
by RAWReatchu June 16, 2010
Jason is a sweet lovable guy. One of the best of people to walk on this earth. Kind, Caring, and down to earth are the best of words to describe a Jason.
I love you Jason <3 You're the best person ever.
by GothGuardians January 30, 2012
He would do anything for his girlfriend, even if it included dying for her.
by ozdhjazjdgfhjzdruhja January 11, 2012