an amazing father and a wonderful husband. He's been my best friend and partner for 17 years, we share our two amazing children and an adorable dog ginger. Waking up next to him every morning is like a rainbow coming from a rain out of darkness and kissing him good night fills me with the warmth of an open flame...He's on fire baby!!!
the moment I first laid eyes on Jason 17 years ago I knew he was mine forever...Like the key that unlocked my beautiful heart
by robynsag August 11, 2011
the absolute greatest person alive. actually cares about your well being, funny, sincere, a truly remarkable person. without him i would more then likely be dead, or killed. <3
jason: sweetheart, just keep breathing.
by <3scissorhands January 31, 2009
He would do anything for his girlfriend, even if it included dying for her.
by ozdhjazjdgfhjzdruhja January 11, 2012
Jason is a beautiful, smart, athletic, perfect, amazing, drop dead beautiful, and sexy guy that every girl loves. He can be shy at first, but when you get to meet him, he has a golden personality. He can make you feel happier on your saddest days, and his deep brown eyes can just kill you. He's the best boyfriend a girl can have. Even though he had a bad past, as long as you treat him like treasure, he will love you forever.
Wow, you see jason? He's beautiful."

"Just the typical jason."
by Camouflageisthebestbro October 14, 2013
Jason is a sweet lovable guy. One of the best of people to walk on this earth. Kind, Caring, and down to earth are the best of words to describe a Jason.
I love you Jason <3 You're the best person ever.
by GothGuardians January 30, 2012
Jason, a guy who cannot bring himself to love but when you get to know him omgzz you guys he has a heart of solid gold..
I cried so much because of jasons special type of love i didnt realise all those years were were together he was the one who made me cry the most..

Omg like he is sooooo special..
by ifitwalkslikeaduckitisaduck December 28, 2013
The man of my dreams. He's unlike any other. People who don't know him are easy captivated by him. He brings calmness to his surroundings. The best friend anyone could ask for. Listens to you. Never judges you instead challenges you to be a better person. He shows love in everything he does. Slow to love and very guarded with his heart. Loyal beyond words. What he says he will do. He is protective of his family and friends. Most of all whoever becomes his wife will be one lucky woman
Ann-Who is that guy?
Joe- That is Jason.
Ann- I want to be his gf.
by Swtksss October 13, 2013

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