Jason, a guy who cannot bring himself to love but when you get to know him omgzz you guys he has a heart of solid gold..
I cried so much because of jasons special type of love i didnt realise all those years were were together he was the one who made me cry the most..

Omg like he is sooooo special..
by ifitwalkslikeaduckitisaduck December 28, 2013
A person who is funny, smart, and loves to joke around. He may do this often and it may also affect his friendship with others. He tries to act like a cool kid when in reality he is not. He is who he is and he will not let anyone change that. Sometimes the things he says offends people or makes them angry but he is just looking for somebody to notice him. He feels lonely and needs comfort. When he likes a woman he will not give up on her. When he is in a relationship he is faithful and will do whatever he can to make her happy. Jason is honest and he is a thinker. He says whatever is on his mind and people respect that. Overall, Jason is just a normal guy that will go out of his way for you and is respectful and caring to the ones he loves.
Girl 1: so i heard you're dating a jason
Girl 2: Yup he was so funny and smart I love him
by FunnyGuy July 15, 2012
The act of stuffing a hamburger inside a girl's vagina and eating it. Can also be accompanied by adding ketchup and mustard onto the vagina. It is still considered a jason if you shove a hot dog into her vagina.
"hey so what did you guys do last night? "
"I gave her a jason. "
by GalcoM213 November 25, 2011
Jasons are the coolest people ever. They're so sweet and kind and are always making you smile. They're amazing boyfriends and you wanna spend all your day with them. Jason's are also very cute and sing good.
Girl 1- Jason is soo sweet!

Girl 2- I know! He's such a good boyfriend.

Girl 1- I wish I had Jason.
by Curieux January 08, 2012
Jason is a guy who melts your heart whenever he smile. He makes you smile on your worst days, he has the lamest jokes, and the weirdest laugh. He's sweet, caring and adorable. If you ever have the chance to date a Jason, never let him go, it'll be the worst mistake of your life. Jason's can be boring, annoying and mean. But, you'll get over that. When Jason's aren't boring or mean.. he's amazing,generous and outgoing.He goes out of his way for other people. He has a laid back, calm approach. Jason's are normally truthful, gullible and very attractive(: He's good to get along with, and easy to fall in love with.
Jason is a ginger.
I love Jason so much (:
I have a Jason for a boyfriend.. be jealous!
by Lex_123456 May 19, 2012
Even though he's intelligent he gets lost in the underwear section. Can hack any computer and do unique stuff on one. Jason is a cool, funny guy.
Of course Jason would do that.
by YankeesGirl845 November 09, 2013
JASON - 'the healer', 'to heal', or 'to cure'.

In Greek Mythology, Jason was a Thessalian hero who led the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece.

You can also find the name Jason in the Bible. Jason had a house that was used for refuge by Paul and Silas.

According to some philosophies, the name Jason is assosiated with.....

- Sensitivity and appreciation for the finer and deeper things in life.
- Reading, study, and contemplation of many different subjects.
- Intense curiousity and intrigue by anything out of the ordinary.
- When confronted with monotony, curiousity and the initial intrigue will wane, resulting in many things left unfinished.
- A desire for a quiet and peaceful environment, but this is rarely obtained.
- Extremely high ideals and expectations, leaving oneself disappointed and cynical.
A very common name given to a male in the United States is Jason.
by SmokeTwibz January 28, 2013

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