Amazing guy. Jason is sweet, kind, caring, loyal as a boyfriend, understanding, smart. Has a unique taste in music. (loves all music by Maynard james kenan) he has brown hair, gorgeous green eyes, he is tall broad shouldered with an amazing build. Commonly known to over think things. Respectful. Super sexy. Amazing guy. (also has a very large cock)
Everyone needs a Jason. But you have to find your own cause I'm not giving up mine.
by Breeze11427 November 07, 2012
Jason. He's a guy who looks perfect and is really sweet to girls but deep down he doesn't want anything with them. He likes to play them and get what he wants. He can be really controlling at times but if you get to know him and get to his sweet side he will be the best guy you could ask for he's hard to deal with but worth it in the end, never give up in someone names Jason.
Girl: hey! He's cute!

Girl 2: that's my ex! His name is Jason, He hurt my feelings a lot but he gave the best memories I could ask for.
by Jasonsgirlfriend January 10, 2014
A very sweet boy. Can be a jerk sometimes, but really cares about the ones he loves. Really knows how to make a move and is overall amazing. Flirts alot, and may make their girlfriend or lover mad about that, but when he loves you, he loves YOU and no one else. Jasons are great.
He's such a flirt!

Yeah, thats Jason.
by ejreeworijofe October 12, 2012
A fucking wanker who ignores his girlfriend
him-" I can't talk to you today sorry, I'm busy" *plays crappy video game*

Me-"he says he can't talk to me today, but he's playing a fucking game"
Friend-"look's like your dealing with a Jason"
by Jimothy fucket February 14, 2015
The crazy black friend that everyone needs in their lives. The one that says OHAI THAR and pops out of nowhere, thus giving you a heart attack. Yup, thats him, the very defintion of awesome!

1. The lovable guy everyone knows and loves.
2. The crazy nerd who is yelling about some crazy fact.
3. The one that will bear hug you until you cannot breathe and your back is all cracked.
1: "OHAI THAR" *Death Hugs*
2: "Yup...that was JASON al'ight!" *gasps for air*
by RAWReatchu June 16, 2010
A kind young man that would never hurt anyone intenially, also very attractive and unique. He is one of the best guys you will ever date and always understanding.
Jason is a very kind man.
by the truth_1234567 January 08, 2016
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