An amazing guy with an awesome personality. He's really hot and so much fun to be with. The only name that is spelled with the months
He's really nice and really smart. Very playful and energetic
Jason is so hot
by jasontheawesome March 01, 2015
Jason. He's a guy who looks perfect and is really sweet to girls but deep down he doesn't want anything with them. He likes to play them and get what he wants. He can be really controlling at times but if you get to know him and get to his sweet side he will be the best guy you could ask for he's hard to deal with but worth it in the end, never give up in someone names Jason.
Girl: hey! He's cute!

Girl 2: that's my ex! His name is Jason, He hurt my feelings a lot but he gave the best memories I could ask for.
by Jasonsgirlfriend January 10, 2014
Amazing guy. Jason is sweet, kind, caring, loyal as a boyfriend, understanding, smart. Has a unique taste in music. (loves all music by Maynard james kenan) he has brown hair, gorgeous green eyes, he is tall broad shouldered with an amazing build. Commonly known to over think things. Respectful. Super sexy. Amazing guy. (also has a very large cock)
Everyone needs a Jason. But you have to find your own cause I'm not giving up mine.
by Breeze11427 November 07, 2012
A very sweet boy. Can be a jerk sometimes, but really cares about the ones he loves. Really knows how to make a move and is overall amazing. Flirts alot, and may make their girlfriend or lover mad about that, but when he loves you, he loves YOU and no one else. Jasons are great.
He's such a flirt!

Yeah, thats Jason.
by ejreeworijofe October 12, 2012
A "Jason" dive is a term popularized by scuba divers in the Monterey Bay area. This neologism was coined by a dive shop manager in response to one of his employee's habit of completing only one scuba dive during an outing, even though the typical practice is to complete two scuba dives (a two tank dive).

Over the past year the term has caught on with local dive clubs, who announce single dive events as a "Jason." Some have interpreted it to mean cancelling a planned second dive, though it more appropriately refers to a planned single dive.
Diver A: Wanted to do a two tank dive, but I am going to have to pull a Jason today.

Diver B: That sucks.
by AJM85 June 28, 2012
An adorable Vietnamese boy born with large eyes and black hair, but only the ones with the best taste in music will be cool enough to dye part of it blonde.

Every single girl seems to fall for a Jason, so you'd be extraordinarily lucky to have a Jason fall for you.

Jasons are very tall with an abnormally big appetite. Don't be surprised if a Jason leaves you for food - you'd do best to get used to it.

Jasons have the cutest voice ever, even if it is slightly higher than most. If you're special enough to be allowed to hear a Jason sing, good luck listening to anything other than his singing for the next decade.

Jasons make you smile the most, and the thought of being with one someday is enough to make your heart melt and keep you awake every night.

An asian (specifically Vietnamese) version of Justin Bieber, although Jasons are a bit hotter and have a better sense of humor.
Omg you're leaving me again? What a Jason!
Stop making me smile like a maniac - you remind me of Jason.
Jason? Hell yeah, of course I love him.
by fatrice July 04, 2010
a man who carries a machete and uses a hockey mask to hide his messed up face
Jason from Friday the 13th
by darkseeker July 20, 2011

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