A Jason is often the name of the guy who can walk into a room with such swagger that Chicks and Dicks will gawk as soon as he enters a room. Chicks tend to love hanging out "downtown" all night with him.

His strut is undeniably sexy as is his taste in Classic Detroit Muscle Cars and watermelons.

He is so Cute and Yummy that he gets away with a 2 pack of Abs versus 6 for everyone else.
Example #1:

Girls night out girl #1: Sheila! Quick, look, 12 o'clock! Who's that fly sexy m0therfawker walking across the bar with his shirt off?

Girls night out girl #2: Oh that's just Jason and his 2 pack, I'd "Go Downtown" on that again!

Example #2:

Hey, is that Vinny in the IROC Z Camaro? No, that's just my Boyfriend Jason. He's only dating me cause he loves my "Watermelons". He's always asking me to "Go Downtown" with him in his car, I feel special!

To "Go Downtown" - often referred to as a going down on a dude, fellatio, playing the skin flute, shellacking, a blow job, a suck job, a hoover vacuum cleaner, etc.
by IHeartJason.com November 26, 2010
A jason is a EXTREMELY sarcastic guy. He may act like an asshole but behind all that he really cares about everyone in his life. If a Jason talks to you, consider yourself lucky that means he really cares about you even though he has a funny way of showing it sometimes. Jason's are great in bed and are known for looking at weird crap on the Internet. Jason's are the best friends and are usually always happy.
Nancy: Jason made me cry but I know he still loves me.
Judith: yup that's a Jason for you!

Nancy: so glad I have a Jason in my life!
by Momentummaker November 19, 2012
A God! He is incredibly charming and handsome.
When I see Jason, I drop dead.
by Asian google September 27, 2011
Jason; a extemly sexy guy with a huge penis and loves the ladys. he pulls all the chicks and love isla (L), he has a awesome sister called melanie and is amazing in bed.
1. hey did u see jason
2. yeah i hell wanna jump his dick
1. i know its huge
2. i wish i know how big it was
by awesome cool kid October 12, 2010
•The name of Jason has given you sensitivity and appreciation for the finer and deeper things in life.

• You can enjoy reading, study, and contemplation about many different subjects.

• When your interests or curiosity are aroused, you work intensely at new undertakings, but your interests often wane when you encounter drudgery and monotony, with the result that you leave many things unfinished.

• Your name has taken you into many bitter experiences.

• The greatest lack in your life is stability and peace of mind.

• A peaceful and quiet environment, especially out in nature, is one of your greatest desires, but you are constantly taken into chaotic conditions.

• Because you have high ideals and are a principled person, you have been disillusioned and disappointed in people on many occasions and have experienced much aloneness.

•Although the name Jason creates an interest in the deeper aspects of life, we emphasize that it causes a restless intensity that defies relaxation.

•This name can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success.
by el Jason February 23, 2012
The fist pumping mastor. Jason is the king of the fist pump , hes so good you'd think he invented it. He may not have friends at school but he has friends at cadets...

Here comes jason ...
by hotpinkfuzz November 24, 2010
Jason is a very kind hearted person. He can be shy at many times and you think he's a total creep until you really get to know him. He is crushing on this one girl that he can't possibly get over. He is very loyal and would sacrifice everything for his friends and family. His thoughts in his head keep killing him and killing him. He also sometimes overthink things. He jokes around a lot but can be very serious when needed. You might not tell from his outside but he is a very smart person. He doesn't like crowds and lots of people. He is more of a simple yet hard to understand person. No one in the world would ever begin to figure out what is in his thoughts. Jason in a wonderful man.
by Yoloman3918 October 14, 2013

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