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An extremely talented boyband featuring Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Randy Marsh.
"I'm gonna fingerbang bang you in to my life."

genius words from the guys themselves
by hiphophead293847 January 12, 2010
the fuckin' psycho from Friday the 13th. a really gory, but bad ass movie. the nigga kills off those mother fuckers like flies.
jason is the main character
by hiphophead293847 August 12, 2009
the accent that people in the philly area have. its mostly just certain words that are pronounced differently. and it happens to be one of the most studied accents in the country.
word = regular way to say it = philly way to say it

water = wah-ter = wooder
about = uh-bowt = uh-beowt
down = down = deown
strawberries = straw-beh-reez = straw-burr-reez
prostitute = pros-tih-toot = pros-dee-toot
beautiful = byoo-tih-full = byoo-dee-full
out = owt = eoht
around = uh-rownd = uh-reownd
towel = tow-ell = tal
prayer = pray-er = prair
mayor = may-er = mair
how = how = heaow
bagels = bay-gullz = beggles

the OW sound is pronounced "eouw". it's hard to type you have to hear it.

that gives u an idea of the philly area accent. there are more i'm forgetting
by hiphophead293847 October 23, 2009
when niggas roll 30 deep, its when they got at least 30 dudes in their crew.
"beef is when you roll no less than 30 deep" -biggie smalls, whats beef?
by hiphophead293847 August 17, 2009
oh my science. something said by atheists, inspired by south park.
south park is fuckin bad ass son

so are atheists. oms
by hiphophead293847 August 26, 2009
an expression. meaning if you want something from a person, you have to give the same to them back.
relationships are a 2 way street. if you expect your significant other to respect you, trust you and be faithful you gotta give that back.

2 way street a song by slick rick
by hiphophead293847 August 19, 2009
short for episodes. people got so lazy that the first 2 syllables drop out sometimes
i was watching old lost sodes with mike and sara the other day
by hiphophead293847 August 10, 2009
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