Jason is the name of someone amazing who will take care of you. He would be the best boyfriend ever and be super duper romantic. But also funny and sweet.
Girl: Hey do you wanna get laid?
Jason: No sorry I'm too busy caring about my girlfriend because I'm romantic
by CrazyCat721 May 31, 2011
The fist pumping mastor. Jason is the king of the fist pump , hes so good you'd think he invented it. He may not have friends at school but he has friends at cadets...

Here comes jason ...
by hotpinkfuzz November 24, 2010
Jason is the nicest boy you could meet. He's always happy and you couldn't be mean to him if you were a terrorist.
Jason: Poor bee! It lost its stinger
Bully: Let's help it
by KatGoesMreow June 04, 2011
A bombastic person that is awesome and cheerful. Is often misunderstood, and is cautious about everything he does, wishing not to leave others with a negative view. He might seem silent, but once you get to know him, you will find that he is very cheerful, humorous, and a happy go lucky kind of person.
Guy: Did you know that guy Jason is actually very Bombastic.
by Bombastical January 06, 2013
Jason is the most AWESOME person to have EVER walked the face of this planet. Not even Jesus or Chuck Norris are as awesome as this guy. In fact, no one can be compared to a Jason. He is the King of Kings, and has the most AWESOME face you'll EVER see. He is hysterically funny, kind, loyal, caring and an amazing friend! And although his taste in music may seem gay at times, it's not really a problem:) People want to be just like him, but because that is highly impossible, they have to just settle for being his mate. Jason's get along really well with Nicole's, they are usually best mates, and have an amazing connection. And because of this, Nicole get's the title of being the second most AWESOME person to EVER walk the face of this planet:) if you don't know a Jason then you better start searching for one, because nobodys life is complete without a Jason in it:)
Random Person: "Wow! Who is that AWESOME guy?!"

Me: "Oh that's Jason. The most AWESOME guy EVER!"

Random Person: "Oh my wordy! He is sooooo AWESOME, you can just see it in his face and in the way that he stares. He has suuuch a Jason face."
by Hippie Princess December 26, 2011
A common name for a male. Comes from Greek láson, meaning healer. Jason is a common name for someone of high intellect logical reasoning. This person will usually get annoyed by small things. This person is usually not very athletic. Will usually make friends quickly, but only a few friends will be considered good friends to this person. Insults frequently with no hurtful intention, just to tease.
He is Jason; Jason is his name; Jason is good at math;
by worldnamedefinitions December 02, 2013
an amazing father and a wonderful husband. He's been my best friend and partner for 17 years, we share our two amazing children and an adorable dog ginger. Waking up next to him every morning is like a rainbow coming from a rain storm....beauty out of darkness and kissing him good night fills me with the warmth of an open flame...He's on fire baby!!!
the moment I first laid eyes on Jason 17 years ago I knew he was mine forever...Like the key that unlocked my beautiful heart
by robynsag August 11, 2011

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